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Here are a few snaps my friend and I took on a casual walk around Auckland.

twohonesttruths_foxtrotparlour09Of course, an adventure is never complete without food and as always, Foxtrot Parlour manages to make some show-stopping food. Be it from their sister The Dairy (read here), or this DIY donut that comes with its own saucy syringe and cream. Somehow when they give you some responsibility with compiling your food, it tastes just that much better. Be warned though, it gets crazy messy. You’ll be licking the sugar off your fingers, pulling apart the donut, handling the knife to get some cream, and working the syringe – which requires both hands. It may be useful for them to supply wet tissues of some sort at the end to avoid translating your sticky mess any further than your table. I would definitely recommend sharing the donut, we loved the salted caramel one.
twohonesttruths_foxtrotparlour01 twohonesttruths_foxtrotparlour02 twohonesttruths_foxtrotparlour03 twohonesttruths_foxtrotparlour04 twohonesttruths_foxtrotparlour06 twohonesttruths_foxtrotparlour05 twohonesttruths_foxtrotparlour07twohonesttruths_foxtrotparlour08We visited the museum and walked around Auckland Domain. You could also take bush-walks, explore the Wintergarden or just lie on your back and admire the blue skies. twohonesttruths_foxtrotparlour10 twohonesttruths_foxtrotparlour11 twohonesttruths_foxtrotparlour12 twohonesttruths_foxtrotparlour13Hope you all had a great weekend! We’re suffering from Mondayitis right now but Labour weekend is just round the corner, what are your plans?


For the past year I’ve been constantly missing the hot crispy waffles topped with cream, fruits, ice cream and a swirl of sauce that I had been so accustomed to while living in Korea. After hearing that Cafe Rhythm would be the closest thing I could get in Auckland to satisfy my cravings I made a beeline to Parnell straight away. We ordered the famous Original Waffles ($15) and Manuka Honey Bread ($8) along with Chips and aioli ($8). For drinks we had a Belgian Hot Chocolate ($4.50) and an Ice Chocolate ($6). You can imagine we quickly went into a sugar coma. The desserts would also have gone well with a hot cup of tea or the freshly squeezed grape juice. There’s also a $10 daily lunch menu with lots of options to choose from. So if you’re nearby Parnell, or wanting to indulge in some sweetness this would be a great little spot.

Love the little touches to the cutlery and presentation. icechocP1018452
Original waffles – was a bit of a disappointment. Texture wasn’t too great and was a bit too sweet.P1018456 P1018463
Manuka Honey Bread – delicious. It was crunchy and not overly sweet. I enjoyed the almond flakes sprinkled on top.P1018476 P1018484Cafe Rhythm.
1/333 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland.



When the clouds are grey, the sky overcast, a slight chilly breeze blows and rain is imminent, it usually calls for blankets, hot drinks, a good book, and or baking to lighten things up. Since stumbling upon Lydia’s blog LydiaBakes, I have been tempted to try something from her recipes that were doable with my skills – or lack of should I say. I couldn’t taste the cupcakes myself as I recently developed an allergy towards certain types of chocolate. Nevertheless I got my sister to be the guinea pig and they’re happily acceptable for my first attempt. Yay!

ingredients pouring-mixture cupcakes-out-of-oven trio-wood-sideview petals-on-rack petal-threeo-n-woodtim-tam-crunch Flowers-THT

I’m so glad we managed to grasp the last days of sunshine before we jump straight into winter (have a look at our previous post where we spent a wonderful summer-like night out at the Silo Park down by the waterfront). Auckland weather…looks like we missed autumn for the meantime, as I write this post it is pouring and wind is pounding heavily against my window.

For a quick catch up in-between classes, my friend and I went to Renkon on Durham Street. Now this is a well-known, hot Japanese eatery so I don’t think much needs to be said. This is a favourite of mine, which I frequented in the beginning years of university. We both hadn’t visited in at least a year or two so were craving it a great deal. Now, I. do. not. know. what was wrong with me, or where I have been – the food, was good. My miso pork katsu donburi was incredibly delicious and was the perfect size, perfect amount of rice and perfect amount of meat. It was full of flavour, though I think I could do without the generous blob of mayo to the side, it was in most part left untouched. The beef curry udon received similar praise. With regular prices ranging from $10-$12 this is a great place to stopover, the store is small so we were quite lucky to have found a seat (but people don’t linger too long anyway). There was a short line to order and lots and lots of people getting takeaways – I must do that one day too, I unashamedly have an attraction towards well-made paper bags. However busy the restaurant the service was still very well done. The range in the city store isn’t extensive, I believe the ones in Parnell and Takapuna have salmon and avocado donburi-yum!

front eelrice curry-udonsign treesautumnRenkon.
10 Durham Street East, Auckland Central.


This is our Asian food review debut!
We’ve been long dedicated customers of Try It Out, who have their main store in Otahuhu. More recently they opened relatively closer to us which was an immense delight. The restaurant is flasher than its older counterpart with higher ceilings and more modern tables – don’t expect anything exquisite and out of the world, this is a family restaurant sporting a more casual atmosphere. The staff are very friendly in both places.

Our usual staples and eating methods are:
Lemongrass pork vermicelli – pour the fish sauce in and toss well.
Fried spring rolls – tactically split the spring roll into two, dip the open end in and wrap in lettuce, repeat.
Beef noodle soup – soak the bean sprouts (which come separately) in the soup on arrival, squeeze the lemon juice in and ‘cook’ the beef in the soup if you do not wish to eat them medium rare.
Red bean ice drink to share – the coconut cream is too much for us in one go so we usually ask for a separate glass with shaved ice only and divide the drink into two. However I would suggest trying it as is for the first time.

We were feeling like we should really explore their menu a bit and selected a sweet and sour tofu to try this time round. It was good, full of flavour but in all honesty I wouldn’t order it again, the Malaysians do this dish much better. We also switched up the pork for chicken. All in all I love this food because its refreshing and that fish sauce (‘nuoc mamma’ in Vietnamese) is simply divine. We definitely prefer this over the typical Chinese fried rice and noodle dishes but that may be because we’ve had those too often for our liking haha. So as the name suggests, go Try It Out! (ha ha ha)

Grilled chicken vermicelli

Beef noodle soup

Beef noodle soup

Red bean iceSweet and sour tofu

Try It Out.
79 Atkinson Ave, Otahuhu or 20 Torrens Road, Botany Downs (Across the road from Nishiki).


New Zealand mussels are definitely a must-eat. Fresh and plump. As its prime season is quickly passing us by and the prices begin creeping up, I thought I’d take the opportunity to buy a bagful and turn them into a healthy snack using the dehydrator. I also spiced them up a little and coated them with honey. If you can stop eating them, then they make as a nice gift too!

mightymusselreceipe stepone-steammussels steptwo-putontrays stepthree-brushonhoney stepfour-sprinklepepper mightymussels

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