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We finally made it to The Roaming Dive. Having been told they were at Silo Park, we did a quick detour on Friday and stopped just long enough to grab a combo deal: two sliders + crispy crunchy fries ($11).P1014633-Edit

The line to order was small but the waiting crowd was large.P1014635-Edit

The sliders were brilliant. The buns were soft, sweet and delicious. Our favourite was the Chicken slider. It was juicy and flavourful covered in buffalo sauce. They were so good we went back for more but sadly they were sold out already (around 8pm).P1014661-EditP1014655-Edit

The Crispy crunchy fries were sprinkled with parmesan cheese and parsley. Though they were neither crispy nor crunchy. All three items were $4 each by themselves so I would suggest skipping out on the combo and going with just the sliders. (Prawn Po’Boy was $8.)P1014651-Edit P1014652-Edit

Only half their menu was on offer this time but they’re at Silo Park this coming Friday too (17 Jan), thank goodness. Hopefully they’re coming armed with more items, more quantity, and actually crispy and crunchy fries.P1014650P1014670-Edit P1014671-Edit

Our GIVEAWAY is live on our Facebook page right now! A restaurant voucher and froyo up for grabs! Ends 28/01/2014.

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Silo Park.
Corner Jellicoe & Beaumont Streets, Wynyard Quarter.

P1013084-EditSilo Park is a brilliant way to spend Friday night, there’s everything you need – food, drinks, shopping, music and movies.

P1012966-EditP1012967-EditP1012968P1013021-Edit Our go-to truck would be, no surprise, The Lucky Taco. We managed to get in before the queue (there’s always a queue and it’s always worth the wait) and ordered the Pulled Pork, Turkey and Beef Tongue. Our favourite of the three was definitely the Beef Tongue, our friends enjoyed the Pulled Pork. Is it too extreme to say we refrain from ordering tacos anywhere else now? (More Lucky love here and here.) Sarah and Otis also have the most organised food truck around, their Facebook page is updated regularly and so is their schedule on the website (can anyone tell me where The Roaming Dive is right now?).P1012980-EditP1012984-Edit P1012983-Edit P1013003-Edit

We had the chance to try The Beverage Boy who was conveniently parked up next door. Matt sells fresh and healthy smoothies for $5.50 (small) and $7.00 (large). Our favourites were the Green Machine with kale and the Berry Mint. There’s no schedule to be found for this green truck – we wish there was, but Facebook tells us that Matt is down in Tauranga till the end of January so be sure to visit him if you’re vacationing at the Mount EDIT: seems like The Beverage Boy is at Silo Park this Friday (10th) too!

We were lured in by the delicious smell wafting in the air but found these Takoyaki lacking in flavour.P1013019-Edit P1013023-EditP1013014-Edit

It’s best to get to Silo Park early to snazz up a parking spot at the Jellicoe Street carpark which comes with the first hour for free. Also bring cushions/bean bags/chairs if you’re planning to stay for the movie. Look at the amount of people you have to compete with for a spot on the grass!P1013068-Edit-EditP1013080-Edit P1013075-Edit-Edit

This Friday the movie is Spirited Away by Miyazaki.The crazy pigs totally freaked me out when I was little. Can’t wait for Lion King on 24th of January!P1013066-Edit P1013062-Edit

Our GIVEAWAY is live on our Facebook page right now! A restaurant voucher and froyo up for grabs! Ends 28/01/2014.

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Silo Park.
Corner Jellicoe & Beaumont Streets, Wynyard Quarter.

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