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This is the first sign of Summer. Yesterday, Food Space made its debut on Daldy Street. From 11am-late there were food trucks, music, and drink stands. Essentially, a baby Silo Park (see here, here, here). At 4pm most of the food trucks were either sold out or ‘sold out’ – read, holding it out for the dinner crowd. So it’s best to go when they first open or at dinner time. Tiger Burger is a must. Though maybe only if you are die-hard kimchi addicts like us. The Kimcheese burger ($11) is melted cheese between toasted brioche buns, with a juicy beef patty and shreds of kimchi. Nothing extravagant but just so damn good. On the Kimcheese fries ($8) there’s some amazing chilli sauce, spring onions and of course more kimchi – highly recommend. Another food truck to make a beeline for is Ryan’s Kitchen. Get the brioche s’more, the Eaton Mess, and the chicken salad i.e. everything on the menu. Food Space was definitely missing some kind of juice/smoothie truck but Goodnight Cocoa’s cocoa was perfect for getting through yesterday’s strong wind situation. While Goodnight also offered s’mores, which were exciting to watch being prepared, nothing could compete against Ryan’s brioche combo. That s’more is the answer to your late night Buzzfeed food video cravings.

Food Space – watch out for when/where they set up camp next!
The Street Food Collective – for permanent food truck cravings

Silo 6 is often fitted out with exciting exhibitions. The most recent is ‘dark cloud / white light’ by Joseph Michael. It was beyond amazing. Paired with some great music the time lapse videos are just mesmerising. They also remind you just how beautiful New Zealand is and makes you want to travel to these beauty spots immediately. The videos take you through sunrise, dawn, dusk, sunset, and a sky full of stars. You have to go and see for yourself. The exhibition ends 26th Feb, so hurry!IMG_2450IMG_2438IMG_2443IMG_2455IMG_2451_MG_2466_MG_2457_MG_2475_MG_2487Joseph Michael.
Event details here.
Tues/Wed/Sun: 11-4
Thu/Sat: 12-7
Mon: By appointment.

Monday 11:00am – 9pm
Tuesday 11:00am – 4pm
Wednesday 11:00 – 9pm

P1013084-EditSilo Park is a brilliant way to spend Friday night, there’s everything you need – food, drinks, shopping, music and movies.

P1012966-EditP1012967-EditP1012968P1013021-Edit Our go-to truck would be, no surprise, The Lucky Taco. We managed to get in before the queue (there’s always a queue and it’s always worth the wait) and ordered the Pulled Pork, Turkey and Beef Tongue. Our favourite of the three was definitely the Beef Tongue, our friends enjoyed the Pulled Pork. Is it too extreme to say we refrain from ordering tacos anywhere else now? (More Lucky love here and here.) Sarah and Otis also have the most organised food truck around, their Facebook page is updated regularly and so is their schedule on the website (can anyone tell me where The Roaming Dive is right now?).P1012980-EditP1012984-Edit P1012983-Edit P1013003-Edit

We had the chance to try The Beverage Boy who was conveniently parked up next door. Matt sells fresh and healthy smoothies for $5.50 (small) and $7.00 (large). Our favourites were the Green Machine with kale and the Berry Mint. There’s no schedule to be found for this green truck – we wish there was, but Facebook tells us that Matt is down in Tauranga till the end of January so be sure to visit him if you’re vacationing at the Mount EDIT: seems like The Beverage Boy is at Silo Park this Friday (10th) too!

We were lured in by the delicious smell wafting in the air but found these Takoyaki lacking in flavour.P1013019-Edit P1013023-EditP1013014-Edit

It’s best to get to Silo Park early to snazz up a parking spot at the Jellicoe Street carpark which comes with the first hour for free. Also bring cushions/bean bags/chairs if you’re planning to stay for the movie. Look at the amount of people you have to compete with for a spot on the grass!P1013068-Edit-EditP1013080-Edit P1013075-Edit-Edit

This Friday the movie is Spirited Away by Miyazaki.The crazy pigs totally freaked me out when I was little. Can’t wait for Lion King on 24th of January!P1013066-Edit P1013062-Edit

Our GIVEAWAY is live on our Facebook page right now! A restaurant voucher and froyo up for grabs! Ends 28/01/2014.

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Read our post about Silo Park last summer here.

Silo Park.
Corner Jellicoe & Beaumont Streets, Wynyard Quarter.


We’re here! We’re finally here to test out the meatball craze that Auckland has been on since Baduzzi opened a few weeks ago. The restaurant name, surprise! means ‘meatballs’ in Sicilian. Of course, the Italian inspired restaurant also serves other authentic dishes.


Obviously the gusty wind and rain kept no hungry Aucklander at home, the wait for tables easily reached the hour mark. Unless you’re dining in a large group, be prepared to sit at the corners of the restaurant where space could be quite minimal. It’s also a mission to get the staff’s attention if you’ve been tucked away.

To start we ordered the Shaved waygu tongue with salsa rossa ($9) and the Insalata of white beans and squid ($13). Roasted potato cubes were paired with tangy salsa and wrapped in a fresh slice of waygu – we were told to roll up the tongue in order to get all the goodness in one mouthful, even if it meant getting your hands dirty. The flavours were amazing. The salad on the other hand was a little less exciting. It was refreshing but nothing extraordinary.

twohonesttruths_baduzzi03 twohonesttruths_baduzzi02

Under the Polpette menu you will find a wide range of meatball flavours. To share, we got the Crayfish ($16) and Deer and mushroom ($12). The crayfish won both our hearts. The deer was a lot bolder in taste but tended towards the salty side.

twohonesttruths_baduzzi05 twohonesttruths_baduzzi04

Dessert was no doubt the famous Tiramisu ($12). It truly lived up to its reviews. It was silky and creamy, and amazing with some sprinkled coffee crunch. The biscuit around it provided the perfect sweetness and crunch.


I would definitely return for dessert and the delicious waygu tongue. The staff are very friendly, although most of them have not personally tried the dishes so recommendations are a bit limited – it’s okay, we have you covered!

twohonesttruths_baduzzi08Spot him again below!

twohonesttruths_baduzzi07 twohonesttruths_baduzzi09Baduzzi.
Corner Jellicoe Street & Fish Lane, North Wharf, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland Central.  


It was a lazy kind of Saturday.

We had some bagels.


We walked around.P1010697-EditP1010692-Edit

We saw some amazing photos.P1010709-EditP1010712-Edit P1010710-EditWonder Wheel was my favourite. The Two of a Kind exhibition has definitely made me want to pick up my film camera again. And of course, travel. Exhibition is on at Silo Park – Silo 6 until 7 Oct (details here).P1010717-EditP1010706

We walked around.P1010704-EditP1010701-Edit

We saw some boats.P1010687-Edit

We had some frozen yoghurt.P1010729-Edit

This year I celebrated my 22nd birthday with a week-long food journey. It’s been a bit too long since our last post, so I thought I’ll take this opportunity to bombard you with a bundle of photos and restaurants in one go (funny logic I know).

Two-Honest-Truths_Ebisu1 Two-Honest-Truths_Ebisu21. Ebisu – My last time at this hip Japanese restaurant was earlier on in the year for dinner. I recall the dinner menu was delicious and fresh. It had excellent atmosphere and was buzzing with people. Lunch however I thought wasn’t worth its price. For $29 I had the ‘Special Bento Box’ which aside from the soft shell crab and tiger prawns wasn’t particularly astounding. The sushi was made with very wet rice making the seaweed soggy. It was unappetising and very unexpected for the supposed quality of the restaurant. The soft shell crabs were great, I would definitely order it as a solo dish.

Two-Honest-Truths_Dante's-Pizzeria Two-Honest-Truths_Dante's-Pizzeria22. Dante’s Pizzeria – I’d been eyeing out this pizza stall since we sat across it when dining at The Dairy (read here) a few weeks ago. The pizzas were large and came at a special lunch price of $18. We were told that these were the best pizzas in town and if I hadn’t eaten here before, I hadn’t tasted real pizza. Bold statement right there. Service was great. As far as it goes to fulfilling that claim, I’m not too sold. I think Archie’s has better pizza (read here). The flavour was definitely good with the ingredients but by the time you ate your way to the edge you were left with quite a big chunk of base that was too thick and bland to have on its own. Pizza is very personalised though, some prefer the deep dish, others the thin crust. You may just have to try it to see if it really is the ‘best pizza’ for you.

Two-Honest-Truths_Miss-Clawdy1 Two-Honest-Truths_Miss-Clawdy23. Miss Clawdy – This quite frankly is one of my favourite restaurants in Auckland right now. In terms of price, atmosphere, food and service, Miss Clawdy ticks all the boxes. This time I tried some other dishes whilst also satisfying my cravings for jerk chicken and a good cherry lemonade. The snapper ceviche ($14) was refreshing and well seasoned. The corn ($5 each) was great, as was the hushpuppies ($7). I also managed to try the ribs ($14.50) which were sold out last time. I enjoyed them, though they did come out warm/cold. Wait time is very high now, even during the week! (For the full blog post read here)

Two-Honest-Truths_L'assiette1 Two-Honest-Truths_L'assiette24. La’ssiette – Hands down creme brulee is my all-time favourite dessert. A few years ago I had what I could say at the time, one of the best creme brulees. From there on it became a beautiful memory. I finally came back to La’ssiette, and I was disappointed. The dessert now comes as a mini trio ($12.50) with three flavours Vanilla, Cognac and Orange (as opposed to the full size ramekin in Vanilla before). Now I know I may have over-exaggerated the experience in my mind as time had passed, so may have been expecting too much. But if I’m honest, I thought there wasn’t enough vanilla bean, it wasn’t as smooth and the sugar was a bit too burnt. Out of the three I think orange was my least favourite. Now I focus my memory on the Kermadec creme brulee.

Two-Honest-Truths_Lone-Star1 Two-Honest-Truths_Lone-Star25. Lone Star – Ah this birthday has been all about revisiting old favourites. Lone Star is a well established restaurant in New Zealand. This is my first time at the Newmarket store. If you’re at Lone Star you HAVE to order the ribs ($18 Entree). They’re so delicious your table etiquette flies out the window. We also had the Honky Tonk Chicken ($35 Large) which I believe was chicken breast but it was so incredibly well-made you kind of second guess yourself and think you’re having meat from something like chicken thighs. It was not dry at all and most definitely rivaled with the ribs. It was too dark for food photos, so you’ll just have to make do with photos of the entrance decor. Oh, and I’ve already made plans to go back this month which tells you how amazing it was. (Careful though, I’ve heard the Manukau store isn’t that great.)

Two-Honest-Truths_Movenpick1 Two-Honest-Truths_Movenpick26. Movenpick – We came here after Lone Star, because Lone Star only had dessert options that included chocolate (they had a white chocolate and vanilla creme brulee! ahhhh). My long-time favourite ice-cream flavour is Stracciatella and my new non-choc pick is Vanilla Bean. The cheesecakes aren’t too bad, a little too sweet but great for sharing after a meal.

Two-Honest-Truths_St-Heliers1 Two-Honest-Truths_St-Heliers27. St Heliers Bay Cafe & Bistro – Another Hip Group restaurant ticked off the list! I won’t say too much because we’ll follow up with a full blog post later but I loved the cafe’s decor, very fitting for its location. Some of the food was good, some of it not so much. (For blog posts on other Hip Group restaurants click here, herehere and here)

Two-Honest-Truths_Pong-Pong8. Pong Pong Cafe & Restaurant – This is a local Chinese restaurant in our neighbourhood and I had my birthday dinner with my family here. We had lobster and a fried taro ‘bird’s nest’ dish with prawn stir-fry inside. Funnily enough I’ve had this two years in a row – same day, same time.

Two Honest Truths_Little and Friday9. Little & Friday – Last but not least, my cake is from Little & Friday in Newmarket. Decent non-chocolate cakes are so scarce, too scarce in Auckland for a reasonable price! This one was lemon and coconut 🙂

Hope you enjoyed reading my long spiel, feel free to ask anything in the comments section. All the locations are in Central or East Auckland, for details click the links under each of their names above. This weekend we are heading to the Hobsonville Farmers Markets for some delicious cupcakes provided we wake up in time and will be blogging about it very soon after! Remember to follow us on WordPress and Instagram @twohonesttruths to stay updated. – Kely

Today we visited Miss Clawdy down at North Wharf, a newly opened (just one week) restaurant inspired by the Southern USA. We were immediately impressed with the decor inside. The hanging wicket baskets, bare lightbulbs, dried flower displays and splashes of colour paired with some great music gave it a warm, vibrant and happy atmosphere. It was a sanctuary from the torrential wind and rain outside. Between three we ordered the Fish Taco ($6), Pulled Pork Taco ($6), Jambalaya ($14), Hand cut Street Fries ($7.50) and Southern Fried Jerk Chicken ($14). To drink we had an Old Fashioned Cherry Lemonade Cocktail ($12.50). The chicken and fries were amazing amazing stuff. We highly recommend. It’s possibly the best fried chicken we’ve had, possibly. Taco wise, the tortillas were well made with a little crisp to it. We enjoyed the fish over the pork. The lemonade is made with the following – citron vodka, briottet creme de marasquin, orange bitters and homemade lemonade over lemonade ice cubes. It was incredibly refreshing, full of flavour and had the right amount of tang to it. The lemonade ice cubes also meant your drink won’t water down as time passes. Dessert failed us a little, we had the Key Lime Pie ($10) but it was too sweet and the pastry a little soggy. Service was attentive.

This is no doubt a great addition to the growing Auckland food scene. We just missed out on the ribs this time round (it sounds super delicious), but never fear we’ll be back alright.

P1018888 P1018840 P1018828P1018830P1018843 P1018874 P1018855 P1018862 P1018857 P1018868 P1018883 P1018886P1018877 P1018885 P1018837P1018890Miss Clawdy.
12 Jellicoe Street, North Wharf, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland Central.
(Inside the ASB building)


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