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twohonesttruths_theshelf1The Shelf is a new and popular addition to the High Street cafe scene. Inside, the restaurant is lined with wooden shelves filled with trinkets sourced by the owner over more than a year. It’s reasonably spacious for a city centre spot and service is friendly and efficient. To drink we had the Blueberry smoothie ($7.50) which was naturally sweetened and refreshing as well as the Lemon ginger honey ($7.50) that was served as a make-your-own. It was accompanied with a mini hourglass that told you when your drink was ready. Each item came with smiling cutlery. We then ordered a Cajun chicken salad ($17) and Chicken fettuccine ($18). The dishes were flavourful, the pasta creamy and the salad well seasoned. They were nothing out-of-this-world, just typical cafe food. As for dessert, their cheesecakes are a must-eat! Since we already had blueberries we chose the Lemon cheesecake ($7.50). It was super smooth and creamy with just the right sweetness and tang. The cheesecake is of a thicker consistency so if you prefer softer ones, this may not be the one for you.

This is a happy getaway in the bustling CBD, we’ll be back for more cakes and drinks and possibly some waffles too. The Iced mocha, Hot chocolate and Blueberry cheesecake are also worth trying. Note that there may be a short wait for tables.twohonesttruths_theshelf9 twohonesttruths_theshelf7twohonesttruths_theshelf2 twohonesttruths_theshelf3 twohonesttruths_theshelf4 twohonesttruths_theshelf6 twohonesttruths_theshelf5 twohonesttruths_theshelf15 twohonesttruths_theshelf8 twohonesttruths_theshelf14 twohonesttruths_theshelf13 twohonesttruths_theshelf12 twohonesttruths_theshelf10twohonesttruths_theshelf11The Shelf.
50 High Street, Auckland Central.


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