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So, there was plastic in our pizza.

This was my first time at The Pizza Box so I was curious to see what it had to offer as my friend (who had been here a number of times) had told me the place served great pizza. There is a very good selection available on the menu. I ordered a Tuscan Pizza for myself and my friend had the Apricot Chicken. The pizzas were loaded with ingredients, mine being smoked chicken, baby spinach, red onion, cherry tomatoes and roasted garlic drizzled with plum sauce. The flavours were strong and I had a crazy amount of garlic in my dish which I wasn’t too worried about, since I like garlic and it did well for my recovering flu – it did however mean I had funky breath afterwards. It was obvious that our table had not been wiped down after the previous set of customers, but it was the only other table that was away from the cold of the open door. As we waited, I noticed some other dishes that came out of the kitchen all looked incredibly delicious and were large in portions.  I had been thinking how nice it would be to come back to try a few more items off their menu. However a few slices in, my friend found a piece of plastic that was baked into her Apricot Chicken pizza. She walked up to the counter, since no one seemed to be around, and a girl came back to take the pizza into the kitchen. In the course of picking up the pizza, she knocked the fork and the pizza pieces on it onto the floor. She then picked up the fork, said sorry and left for the kitchen. We were told that the chefs did not know how the plastic had gotten into the pizza and we were offered either a replacement or a refund. My friend opted for the latter. The girl then apologised for the mess and the pizza and returned back to the counter. So she apologised for the mess but she didn’t attempt to clean it up? That was odd. My friend had to now sit further away from the table whilst I finished my plate. It’s also noteworthy that over the course of all this, no manager had come to attend to the problem at all. Overall, the food was yum in terms of flavour and the menu offers an extensive range however the service and cleanliness were just terrible.

P1017084-EditP1017079-EditP1017073-EditP1017077-EditP1017076-EditP1017085-EditThe Pizza Box.
58 Wood Street, Papakura


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