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YELP-TITLE-PAGEIt’s been a long time since we last checked in (sorry!), but we have been busy on the food front so more posts to come! We recently attended and photographed Yelp’s latest Elite Event at The Kapiti Store on Shortland Street. As many other Yelpers would agree, this was for sure the best event yet (Alex you have outdone yourself).

Throughout the night Rachel, the store manager, led us through the sampling of five different cheese paired with respective wines from Church Road.IMG_0150 IMG_0152

  • (Chardonnay) Aorangi Traditional Brie: 6-8 weeks age. With a subtle mushroom flavour, this was delicious.
  • (Pinot Gris) Ramara Washed Rind: 6-8 weeks age. Definitely our favourite of the night. Super creamy and incredibly smooth and soft. It was great smeared on top of the bread.
  • (Syrah) Smoked Havarti: 6-8 weeks age.
  • (Merlot) Tuteremoana Cheddar: 3-4 years.
  • (Cabernet Sauvignon) Kikorangi Triple Cream Blue: 4-6 months. We’re not quite blue cheese fanatics but this was enjoyable. It’s very rich and a shocker to the taste buds on the first go. As Rachel mentioned, the best before label for cheese is often dependent on personal tastes. She gave us a sample of one that was one month past expiration. It was on another level, so much stronger and bolder. Let’s just say I’m not in a hurry to leave my cheese out past it’s best before.


PB271673-2PB271764-2 PB271800 IMG_0171Grilled cheese sandwich.PB271725

For dessert there was of course ice cream. The four flavours were blueberry muffin, chocolate hazelnut crunch, lemongrass and ginger, and nectarine and muscavado. We loved the blueberry and the chocolate. We also tried a little dairy float with some Stoneleigh Sparkling Sauvignon.PB271778-2 PB271780-2 PB271781-2PB271720 IMG_0195 IMG_0164

IMG_0109More event photos here.

Every Yelp event we walk away with at least one new product in mind to buy later on for ourselves, like the Ramara cheese this time, the Sparkling Mio from our Sake night (click here), and the Riesling from Foxes Island (click here). Word is these events are only going to get better, I would say hurry and become a Yelp Elite member now so you don’t miss out! (Find out how here.)

Also on the side, although it’s a little late notice. Tomorrow (3rd Dec) will be the last Yelp event for the year and everybody is invited! It will be held at Jetset Bohemian with food backing a great cause: donating shoes to the Philippines. With every donation you also get some sweet discounts. The same event is happening across Australia and Singapore. More details here. Come along, bring some shoes, and don’t forget to say hi!

The Kapiti Store
19 Shortland Street, Auckland Central.

P8309181Last night I had the privilege of attending the Pie Face pre-opening with a friend of mine. We tasted pie after pie and also met some of the main guys behind it: Julian and Matt. The pastry is amazing and definitely matchable to Australia’s (read our Melbourne: Pie Face blog here), if not better, on home soil. The pies are made fresh at their Mt Wellington factory with top ingredients like 100% NZ Angus Beef. There’s a lot on offer, from savoury to sweet pies, and bagels to croissants as well as cookies and muffins. We thought the savoury won over the sweet. Our favourites of the night were the Steak and Cheese, the Chicken and Mushroom and the Spinach Roll. Prices range from $1.90 to $6.90 for single items. There are also combo deals and catering available. The flagship store is very spacious with more seating towards the back of the restaurant. The interior adopts more of the New York: Pie Face store style and features some funky wall art and hanging bare lightbulbs. They’re now officially open on 18 Shortland Street Auckland Central, and in two weeks will be operating 24 hours. More stores will be rolling out very soon. Hurry in for some flaky, buttery goodness. Go get pie-faced and have some liquid gold (coffee) too while you’re at it. -Kely P8309182-Edit P8309190-Edit P8309187-Edit P8309227-Edit P8309198-EditP8309194 P8309209-Edit Untitled-1 P8309212-Edit P8309207-Edit P8309205 P8309219-Edit P8309233 P8309243 P8309242 P8309245 P8309246-Edit P8309251P8309184Pie Face.
18 Shortland Street, Auckland Central.

It’s officially Restaurant Month! The first restaurant I tried was Grassy Knoll. In actual fact, I hadn’t chosen the cafe based on its participation in the Big Little City promotion but that I had been having a terrible stomach bug the last few days and had appetite only for more light and healthy meals. A quick google search had led me to believe this was the healthiest interesting place I could get in the city centre. So, this month’s menu at Grassy Knoll is:

Salad – Grilled Chorizo, Mesclun, Tomato, Onion, Courgette
Soup of the Day – today was Lentil, Chickpea, Bacon
Hot lemon ginger tea ($21)

It’s pretty straightforward, the dishes are full of ingredients and delicious. The ginger tea was superb on such a cold windy day, warm and soothing. The portions were just right and we all loved the bread that it came with. How shall I put it, I think it’s simply – they make feel-good meals.

One thing you must know, their cabinet is jaw dropping. The sandwiches piled in there look amazingly good, and are brimming with ingredients. I am running back already.

Check out the Restaurant Month menus here.P1018087-Edit P1018089-Edit P1018092-Edit P1018096-Edit P1018099-EditP1018088-Edit

Let’s add a little mystery. Visit Grassy Knoll to see for yourself the yummy looking cabinet.P1018104-Edit
Grassy Knoll.
21 Shortland Street, Auckland Central.


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