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This is a double post, photos are from two separate visits (technically we’ve been there a lot more than twice but these are the times we remembered the camera needed to ‘eat’ too).

The everyday menu
Portobello Ciabatta ($16.50) – this is definitely our favourite. Creamy mushrooms topped with wine sauce and sprinkled with Kapiti cheese, all on a slice of crispy ciabatta. It’s a great vegetarian dish, enjoyable for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.
Whittakers Hot Chocolate ($5) – served with steamed milk and a Whittakers chocolate stick. Incredibly rich.

The Restaurant Month menu ($12)
Cabinet Food – The BLT bread was super tough and hard to swallow, it was all bread and not much ingredients. The Beef cheeks and cheese pie didn’t quite sit well with us either.
Cold drink from the fridge
Cake/muffin from the cabinet – we ordered the cheesecakes. They were super sweet and rough. We also had some difficulty figuring out what the flavours actually were.
This is a super combo deal at a very low price. We thought the quality wasn’t quite there though.

Shaky Isles is home to awesome decor, friendly staff and lovely food. We love their menu food but aren’t quite fans of the cabinet. Do go along and visit this cool cafe, if not for the food then at least for the staple coffee story wall.

THT-shakyisles1 THT-shakyislesmenu Untitled-2 THT-shakyislesportebello1THT-shakyislescarrotcakeTHT-shakyisleswallart P1018241-Edit P1018226 P1018227 THT-shakyislesgoodbye
Shaky Isles.
Britomart – 22 Customs Street East, Auckland
Kingsland – 492 New North Road, Aucklandchalkboard-ratings-shakeyisles


frontofshed10 street-eats-signThere’s no stopping hungry Aucklanders even on a rainy day. Yesterday we ventured down to Shed 10 for Big Little City’s Street Eats event as part of Restaurant Month. Chefs from coveted restaurants around the CBD left their kitchens and served up their form of street food at affordable prices. We arrived at about noon and already the shed was super crowded. It was smoky from all the grills and stoves as most of the food was cooked fresh right there and then.

First stop: Imperial Lane hotdogs ($9) – Incredibly soft bun, flavourful and delicious. We loved the dry fried onions that came with it. I was obviously way too keen and ate a large mouthful before remembering to take a photo. This was one of our favourites from the day.imperial-lane-hotdogimperial-lane-hot-dog-signVery interesting Shaky Isles stall…shakyislescoffeeSecond stop: Vue Pork, Duck and Lamb Sliders ($7) – Enjoyable and cute sliders but the fillings were relatively the same for all three except the meat itself.sliders-vueThird Stop: Merchants of Venice Risotto Balls ($7) – Crunchy exterior paired well with tangy sauce.merchantsandvenicekebabFourth Stop: Faro chicken skewers and Pumpkin Juice ($5) – in all honesty at first we did not want any pumpkin juice and were really just after the skewers but because they came in a combo we took it anyway. Turns out the pumpkin juice was yum, sweet and refreshing. It was a delight to have with the skewers. It reminded us of bamboo juice.P1018363Fifth Stop: San Pellegrino Limonata  ($5) – the finest. limonataSixth Stop: FISH Prawn Skewers ($5) – nothing special, just prawns grilled on a stick but it was nice to have some seafood after all the meat. We asked for half half in terms of spice and no spice. The bottom two, with lemon pepper, we enjoyed more.prawn-stick-from-fish fish-stallSeventh Stop (my goodness, it’s like we were starving): Toto Boscaiola Pizza ($5) – There was probably a bit too much truffle oil on the pizza than what we would have preferred but all in all it had enough ingredients piled on, enough cheese and a crispy edge.totopizzaEighth Stop: The Lucky Taco x2 ($12) – this was the longest line we had to wait in for food in the entire shed, and that tells you something. These are brilliant, brilliant tacos. They’re incredibly good, with ingredients that are paired so well. If you were following our Instagram (@twohonesttruths) you would know that we just managed to make the last order before they stopped orders for 15mins due to a large backlog. Noone moved from their position in line and it just got bigger. We were very lucky indeed. This was our other favourite of the day.luckytacogrid tacosoutsideluckytacostickertheluckytaco-signcrowds street-eats-flag

So we ended and began on extremely good notes. Street Eats was so popular most stalls sold out around the 5pm mark, some even at 2pm! There is bound to be more in the future so if you missed out on this round, there’s always the next. Check out more Restaurant Month events here. Remember to follow our Restaurant Month adventures by clicking the +Follow button on the right hand bottom corner to subscribe by email or WordPress.

It’s officially Restaurant Month! The first restaurant I tried was Grassy Knoll. In actual fact, I hadn’t chosen the cafe based on its participation in the Big Little City promotion but that I had been having a terrible stomach bug the last few days and had appetite only for more light and healthy meals. A quick google search had led me to believe this was the healthiest interesting place I could get in the city centre. So, this month’s menu at Grassy Knoll is:

Salad – Grilled Chorizo, Mesclun, Tomato, Onion, Courgette
Soup of the Day – today was Lentil, Chickpea, Bacon
Hot lemon ginger tea ($21)

It’s pretty straightforward, the dishes are full of ingredients and delicious. The ginger tea was superb on such a cold windy day, warm and soothing. The portions were just right and we all loved the bread that it came with. How shall I put it, I think it’s simply – they make feel-good meals.

One thing you must know, their cabinet is jaw dropping. The sandwiches piled in there look amazingly good, and are brimming with ingredients. I am running back already.

Check out the Restaurant Month menus here.P1018087-Edit P1018089-Edit P1018092-Edit P1018096-Edit P1018099-EditP1018088-Edit

Let’s add a little mystery. Visit Grassy Knoll to see for yourself the yummy looking cabinet.P1018104-Edit
Grassy Knoll.
21 Shortland Street, Auckland Central.


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