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P3240143.jpgP3240148.jpgThe simplest things are forever the hardest to get right. Like the eggs bene and the mushrooms on toast. Or the humble burger and the fish and chips. Burger Burger and Fish Fish have hit the sweet spot on the latter two respectively. According to our Instagram grid, we are well rehearsed in the BB game and thanks to the panko-crumbed gurnard with tartare sauce last Thursday night we will soon be FF frequent grammers too. The seafood is fresh, the chips thick cut. It’s the fish and chips you actually wanted need for the beach. Not the slimy, thick battered ordeal from the corner dairy.  A slaw is good to throw in the mix, and so is something from the specials menu. The prawn and sweet potato fritter is incredibly tasty with its spicy vinegar sauce. Not as enjoyable if you are the type of person that believes whitebait fritters stare into your soul, the prawns here are also. There aren’t many seats but you can order online and takeaway – good for that horrendous Ponsonby parking.

For those on the shore, watch out for the BB and FF powerhouse opening soon!

Fish Fish (menu here)
Ponsonby Central, Auckland

BURGERBURGER_THT_01BURGERBURGER_THT_02You’d probably find it difficult to not have heard about this new burger joint. Burger Burger opened with a bang and based on night three store traffic situation it seems everybody wants needs to be there.

There was a wait for tables (a good sign no less) of around 15 or so minutes. Which was all cool but we wondered how they remembered who came first and who didn’t when there wasn’t a names list taken down. We may or may not have accidentally scored a table before some others, shhh.BURGERBURGER_THT_04

We ordered the moment we sat down. It didn’t take long considering how packed the restaurant was which was great for our starving after-work stomaches.BURGERBURGER_THT_06

Vanilla milkshake – made with Lewis Road Creamery products which we’ve heard great stuff about. The shake was super, dare I say, creamy. It was smooth and silky. A burger’s best friend.

Chocolate milkshake – texture wise it’s just like it’s Vanilla partner in crime. We only wish it was a tinge more chocolatey.

Homemade honey cola soda – we’d say stick to the shakes and the Lion Red. If you want soda hop next door.

BURGERBURGER_THT_18BURGERBURGER_THT_17BURGERBURGER_THT_14BURGERBURGER_THT_15Chicken Burger ($10) – the definite winner of the night. The chicken was juicy and succulent. It had that delicious grilled flavour with a yummy combination of red pepper salsa and aioli. Did we say we liked this the best? Yes, it was the best.

BURGERBURGER_THT_11 BURGERBURGER_THT_13 BURGERBURGER_THT_10Beef Burger ($10) – runner up of the night. On the first bite all I could notice was how juicy the beef was. It was cooked medium rare as they promised. With it was pickle, mayo, tomato jam, and mustard your standard beef burger friends.

BURGERBURGER_THT_09Special Burger (Venison with kale, blue cheese, and mushroom) ($12) – indeed a special burger, but special in a way that the pattie was actually dry, a little surprising considering the great experience we had with the other two. We wouldn’t recommend this one.

BURGERBURGER_THT_12 BURGERBURGER_THT_16Potato skins ($6) – crispy, salty, filling. More for us please.BURGERBURGER_THT_08 BURGERBURGER_THT_20Kumara chips ($6)

BURGERBURGER_THT_07 BURGERBURGER_THT_05 BURGERBURGER_THT_19So our verdict, it’s good value at just $10 a burger. They also don’t skimp on their patties and meat, and their buns are divine – yes there is a choice of having Bunnuce i.e. Lettuce instead of the bun, but why would you want to do that? Don’t do that.

Will we be back? Sure thing.


Easter hours: No surcharge
Good Friday – open at 5pm
Easter Monday – CLOSED

Burger Burger.
Ponsonby Central.
4 Brown Street, Ponsonby, Auckland.

P1015906-EditP1015918-EditOver the weekend we went on Whittakers’ Big Egg Hunt (read our post here) and watched the movie Non-stop. Food-wise we had breakfast at Federal & Wolfe and afternoon tea at Ponsonby Central.P1015947-Edit P1015941-Edit P1015957-Edit P1015956-Edit P1015950-Edit

Bedford Soda (read full post here) – whilst we found the sodas refreshing they weren’t as flavourful as we remembered. The Oreo Shake on the other hand we saw our friend finish in a matter of seconds!P1015964-Edit

The Dairy (read full post here) – sadly they’d run out of root vege crisps by the time we got there but we managed to get an ice cream sandwich topped with candy floss! The cookies were too hard and possibly slightly overcooked/burnt – hopefully they get back the soft chewy ones soon! We’d recommend the Vintage strawberry ice cream flavour, super delicious.P1015976-Edit P1015969-Edit P1015971-Edit

Hope you all enjoyed a lovely weekend!P1015900-Edit P1015919-Edit P1015926-Edit P1015910-Edit P1015931-Edit

We’re late. Bedford has been open for just under two weeks and it seems everybody has been there already. It’s the new bar at Ponsonby Central offering not only an extensive drinks menu but also delicious meatballs.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe started off with some soda. The Mandarin, mango, lemon, ginger, honey, soda ($5) was incredibly tasty and refreshing, I wouldn’t mind having another one or two. The Blueberry, pomegranate black tea, lemon, honey, soda ($5) on the other hand was less exciting. It would have been better to see some blueberries and or pomegranate seeds in there somewhere, we seemed to only pick up the lemon flavour in the drink.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASpecial Meatballs – Beef & Blue Cheese ($12) + Special Sauce – Mushroom ($3) + Pasta ($4) – We loved the sauce and the pasta was cooked well. The meatball texture however was too soft and mushy for our liking.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPork Sliders + Spicy Tomato Sauce ($5 each) – The pork meatballs were delicious. The texture and flavour was great and we enjoyed the sauce. It’s not crazy hot but sweet and subtle.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Service was friendly but could have been better. Our cutlery box was pretty much empty aside from spoons and salt and pepper. There were no forks, knives or serviettes. We also saw a good amount of people walking in cluelessly and were not served at all. Food took a while to come too.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow we know why everyone has been rushing to get there. It is on the expensive side but this will be a brilliant place to stopover on a hot summer’s day for drinks – after you fill up elsewhere on food. I’m already thirsty for some more soda.

Bedford Soda & Liquor.
Ponsonby Central, Shop 10, 4 Brown St, Ponsonby.

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Here are a few snaps my friend and I took on a casual walk around Auckland.

twohonesttruths_foxtrotparlour09Of course, an adventure is never complete without food and as always, Foxtrot Parlour manages to make some show-stopping food. Be it from their sister The Dairy (read here), or this DIY donut that comes with its own saucy syringe and cream. Somehow when they give you some responsibility with compiling your food, it tastes just that much better. Be warned though, it gets crazy messy. You’ll be licking the sugar off your fingers, pulling apart the donut, handling the knife to get some cream, and working the syringe – which requires both hands. It may be useful for them to supply wet tissues of some sort at the end to avoid translating your sticky mess any further than your table. I would definitely recommend sharing the donut, we loved the salted caramel one.
twohonesttruths_foxtrotparlour01 twohonesttruths_foxtrotparlour02 twohonesttruths_foxtrotparlour03 twohonesttruths_foxtrotparlour04 twohonesttruths_foxtrotparlour06 twohonesttruths_foxtrotparlour05 twohonesttruths_foxtrotparlour07twohonesttruths_foxtrotparlour08We visited the museum and walked around Auckland Domain. You could also take bush-walks, explore the Wintergarden or just lie on your back and admire the blue skies. twohonesttruths_foxtrotparlour10 twohonesttruths_foxtrotparlour11 twohonesttruths_foxtrotparlour12 twohonesttruths_foxtrotparlour13Hope you all had a great weekend! We’re suffering from Mondayitis right now but Labour weekend is just round the corner, what are your plans?

This year I celebrated my 22nd birthday with a week-long food journey. It’s been a bit too long since our last post, so I thought I’ll take this opportunity to bombard you with a bundle of photos and restaurants in one go (funny logic I know).

Two-Honest-Truths_Ebisu1 Two-Honest-Truths_Ebisu21. Ebisu – My last time at this hip Japanese restaurant was earlier on in the year for dinner. I recall the dinner menu was delicious and fresh. It had excellent atmosphere and was buzzing with people. Lunch however I thought wasn’t worth its price. For $29 I had the ‘Special Bento Box’ which aside from the soft shell crab and tiger prawns wasn’t particularly astounding. The sushi was made with very wet rice making the seaweed soggy. It was unappetising and very unexpected for the supposed quality of the restaurant. The soft shell crabs were great, I would definitely order it as a solo dish.

Two-Honest-Truths_Dante's-Pizzeria Two-Honest-Truths_Dante's-Pizzeria22. Dante’s Pizzeria – I’d been eyeing out this pizza stall since we sat across it when dining at The Dairy (read here) a few weeks ago. The pizzas were large and came at a special lunch price of $18. We were told that these were the best pizzas in town and if I hadn’t eaten here before, I hadn’t tasted real pizza. Bold statement right there. Service was great. As far as it goes to fulfilling that claim, I’m not too sold. I think Archie’s has better pizza (read here). The flavour was definitely good with the ingredients but by the time you ate your way to the edge you were left with quite a big chunk of base that was too thick and bland to have on its own. Pizza is very personalised though, some prefer the deep dish, others the thin crust. You may just have to try it to see if it really is the ‘best pizza’ for you.

Two-Honest-Truths_Miss-Clawdy1 Two-Honest-Truths_Miss-Clawdy23. Miss Clawdy – This quite frankly is one of my favourite restaurants in Auckland right now. In terms of price, atmosphere, food and service, Miss Clawdy ticks all the boxes. This time I tried some other dishes whilst also satisfying my cravings for jerk chicken and a good cherry lemonade. The snapper ceviche ($14) was refreshing and well seasoned. The corn ($5 each) was great, as was the hushpuppies ($7). I also managed to try the ribs ($14.50) which were sold out last time. I enjoyed them, though they did come out warm/cold. Wait time is very high now, even during the week! (For the full blog post read here)

Two-Honest-Truths_L'assiette1 Two-Honest-Truths_L'assiette24. La’ssiette – Hands down creme brulee is my all-time favourite dessert. A few years ago I had what I could say at the time, one of the best creme brulees. From there on it became a beautiful memory. I finally came back to La’ssiette, and I was disappointed. The dessert now comes as a mini trio ($12.50) with three flavours Vanilla, Cognac and Orange (as opposed to the full size ramekin in Vanilla before). Now I know I may have over-exaggerated the experience in my mind as time had passed, so may have been expecting too much. But if I’m honest, I thought there wasn’t enough vanilla bean, it wasn’t as smooth and the sugar was a bit too burnt. Out of the three I think orange was my least favourite. Now I focus my memory on the Kermadec creme brulee.

Two-Honest-Truths_Lone-Star1 Two-Honest-Truths_Lone-Star25. Lone Star – Ah this birthday has been all about revisiting old favourites. Lone Star is a well established restaurant in New Zealand. This is my first time at the Newmarket store. If you’re at Lone Star you HAVE to order the ribs ($18 Entree). They’re so delicious your table etiquette flies out the window. We also had the Honky Tonk Chicken ($35 Large) which I believe was chicken breast but it was so incredibly well-made you kind of second guess yourself and think you’re having meat from something like chicken thighs. It was not dry at all and most definitely rivaled with the ribs. It was too dark for food photos, so you’ll just have to make do with photos of the entrance decor. Oh, and I’ve already made plans to go back this month which tells you how amazing it was. (Careful though, I’ve heard the Manukau store isn’t that great.)

Two-Honest-Truths_Movenpick1 Two-Honest-Truths_Movenpick26. Movenpick – We came here after Lone Star, because Lone Star only had dessert options that included chocolate (they had a white chocolate and vanilla creme brulee! ahhhh). My long-time favourite ice-cream flavour is Stracciatella and my new non-choc pick is Vanilla Bean. The cheesecakes aren’t too bad, a little too sweet but great for sharing after a meal.

Two-Honest-Truths_St-Heliers1 Two-Honest-Truths_St-Heliers27. St Heliers Bay Cafe & Bistro – Another Hip Group restaurant ticked off the list! I won’t say too much because we’ll follow up with a full blog post later but I loved the cafe’s decor, very fitting for its location. Some of the food was good, some of it not so much. (For blog posts on other Hip Group restaurants click here, herehere and here)

Two-Honest-Truths_Pong-Pong8. Pong Pong Cafe & Restaurant – This is a local Chinese restaurant in our neighbourhood and I had my birthday dinner with my family here. We had lobster and a fried taro ‘bird’s nest’ dish with prawn stir-fry inside. Funnily enough I’ve had this two years in a row – same day, same time.

Two Honest Truths_Little and Friday9. Little & Friday – Last but not least, my cake is from Little & Friday in Newmarket. Decent non-chocolate cakes are so scarce, too scarce in Auckland for a reasonable price! This one was lemon and coconut 🙂

Hope you enjoyed reading my long spiel, feel free to ask anything in the comments section. All the locations are in Central or East Auckland, for details click the links under each of their names above. This weekend we are heading to the Hobsonville Farmers Markets for some delicious cupcakes provided we wake up in time and will be blogging about it very soon after! Remember to follow us on WordPress and Instagram @twohonesttruths to stay updated. – Kely

Simple concepts — Good food.

For most, the dairy is the convenient corner shop in the neighbourhood that you would walk past after school and spend all your spare cash at for food and other necessities, but mainly food. The Dairy, located in Ponsonby Central brings a unique twist and so much more. As we blogged before (click here), we love Ponsonby Central and are hoping to try out most, if not all the restaurants there. Today we indulged in:

– Root vege crisps ($6) – these are perfect. They feature a range of veges like beetroot and pumpkin and are sliced thinly, fried and seasoned with a little sprinkling of salt. They are just too good. We couldn’t get enough.
– Ice cream sandwich ($7.50) – the cookies are baked fresh and are soft and chewy. They are a delight with Kapiti ice cream and, kind of addictive.
– Ice cream soda ($7.50) – this is where the fun happens. Topped with candy floss and sizzling with soda, the lime syrup and plum combination was interesting and delicious.

We sat outside and our table of food was a show-stopper. People would slow their walking speed and take discreet looks, trying not to stare but were obviously intrigued by what we were eating. It’s all very attractive stuff. Some couldn’t resist and picked up the menu, ordering the same.

We would happily spend away at The Dairy (and believe so would you after your first visit!).P1018999-Edit P1018972 P1018980-Edit-EditP1018989 P1018984 P1019002 P1019005 P1019007 P1019008 P1019010-EditThe Dairy.
Ponsonby Central. 7 Richmond Road, Ponsonby, Auckland.


We are in love with Ponsonby Central!

Originally a worn-out warehouse, Ponsonby Central is now an alive and buzzing precinct with restaurants, quirky furniture shops, a produce market and even their own DJ. It’s all very exciting stuff. The place adopts the rustic décor that a growing number of Auckland eateries now have. The first restaurant that drew our attention was Toru, the sister company to the famous Teed Street Larder. Service was great, quick and attentive. Boni had the Pork belly burger and I had the Tiger prawns. The burger dish was very filling served with four crinkle cut chips and some crackling. The bun was well made, soft, with that lovely subtle tinge of sweetness. It would have been better if the pork had more seasoning. We both loved the crinkle chips. The prawns were refreshing accompanied with a Viet style salad. They were however slightly overcooked to my liking. We also ordered some smoothies, the Berry and Rose and the Peach and Vanilla. The former we enjoyed the most. They were the perfect thickness with just the right amount of flavour. Needless to say we will be back, possibly to try some of those pies.

Most of the restaurants at Ponsonby Central are open kitchen style, so you can watch/marvel at the chefs’ quick skills and goggle at the other dishes that are being made and make a forever long mental list of what you need to try next time. There is a parking lot round the back that offers the first hour for free. Even though we went at about 1:30 in the afternoon, it was already full. On-street parking is readily available (sort of). We can’t wait to go back to try the other restaurants – Foxtrot Parlour, the newly opened The Dairy, and Little Bread & Butter, just to name a few. We can tell this is fast becoming a favourite place of ours.P1017531-Edit P1017552-Edit P1017555-Edit P1017553-Edit P1017565-Edit P1017566-Edit P1017557-Edit P1017568-Edit P1017570-Edit P1017571-Edit P1017585-Edit P1017579-Edit P1017596-Edit

Ponsonby Central. 136 Ponsonby Road.


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