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IMG_8990We visited with no great expectations, in fact we were a little reluctant because of its mixed reviews when the cafe was operating as Rosehip and also because of our last poor run in with Hip Group service and food at Takapuna Beach Cafe. We left Rosie however, so so incredibly satisfied.IMG_8995

With renovation the cafe now sports the familiar clean, modern Hip Group interior. It’s well placed just across from the Parnell Rose Gardens so you can take a stroll there whilst you wait for your table to be ready.IMG_8996 IMG_8914 copy IMG_8922 IMG_8898Citrus Fresh Juice ($7) – orange
Feijoa and apple soda ($4.50) – it seems like if you want soda stick to the guys at Bedford
Harvest Fruits Fresh Juice ($7) – pear and apple

IMG_8945Pulled pork and apple tartine ($18) – our definite favourite. The bread was crispy and the green apple minced on top gave it the extra sweetness and oomph.IMG_8959IMG_8964

Green eggs benedict with smoked fish ($18) – whilst we enjoyed the fish, the dish as a whole didn’t quite steal our hearts.IMG_8951

Short ribs ($24) – a close second. The brussel sprouts were surprisingly tasty. The ribs itself were full of flavour and a little different to the typical sticky sweet affair you find elsewhere.IMG_8967

Passionfruit panna cotta – a divine dessert, dare I say it’s the best we’ve had this year. The passionfruit shells are filled with creamy panna cotta, and paired with a splatter of coconut on the side it was ah-ma-zing. It’s also very affordable at $10 – give me more please.IMG_8974 IMG_8976 IMG_8980We’d recommend you pay our new friend, Rosie a visit. There is often a wait for tables as she’s small, but the Passionfruit Panna Cotta alone is worth the wait. We can’t get enough.IMG_8993IMG_8990-2

82 Gladstone Road, Parnell, Auckland.


These pies, at The Fridge are so famous we had to go check it out. Our luck had clearly run out and there were only a few pies left on the rack at 12:30. We opted for the mince, mozzarella, potato top pie. It was delicious, perfectly flaky, and had a rich buttery taste – it was definitely enjoyable. Though at a $8.50 price tag it didn’t seem worth it. Pies are things we classed as a cheap indulgence, that raked in at about $3/$4, and that was bad for your body but not your wallet.
P1016077-EditP1016078-EditThe orange and lemon freshly squeezed juice deserves several thumbs up. The berry smoothie though came as mouthfuls of seeds.
P1016090-Edit P1016110-EditWe also tried the Eggs Benedict with Salmon which came on homemade hashcakes ($17.50) and corn fritters with bacon ($17). The bacon was crispy but the corn fritters dry. After having successfully made eggs benedict at home, it’s difficult to convince us it costs almost $20. We now expect extravagant things from this dish when eating out – goodness we’re hard to impress.P1016105-Edit

Boni had a spontaneous pancake craving on Sunday morning and we went on a desperate Google, Yelp, Zomato search for somewhere that served it that was also not in the CBD or Ponsonby or anywhere further North than that. It was surprisingly a really tough task. We trawled through the many menus and decided to settle on this bad boy from Domain & Ayr.


Rightly named the Fluffy Pancake ($17) it was a feast for the eyes. Though sadly not so much the tastebuds. While it was fun to eat, photograph, and look at. It was more like swallowing mouthfuls of egg whites than an actual pancake. There’s a wait time of around 20 minutes for this little sweet cloud and if you do decide you want to try it make sure you bring a friend.P1016152-EditP1016142-Edit P1016127-EditP1016157-EditWe’ve had some beautiful clear, summer-like skies lately but with daylight saving ending it seems rain is imminent and will hit us on Friday, if not Thursday. Hope you all have an amazing week ahead nonetheless!
_DSC0024-EditThe Fridge Cafe.
507 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland.

Domain & Ayr.
492 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland


For the past year I’ve been constantly missing the hot crispy waffles topped with cream, fruits, ice cream and a swirl of sauce that I had been so accustomed to while living in Korea. After hearing that Cafe Rhythm would be the closest thing I could get in Auckland to satisfy my cravings I made a beeline to Parnell straight away. We ordered the famous Original Waffles ($15) and Manuka Honey Bread ($8) along with Chips and aioli ($8). For drinks we had a Belgian Hot Chocolate ($4.50) and an Ice Chocolate ($6). You can imagine we quickly went into a sugar coma. The desserts would also have gone well with a hot cup of tea or the freshly squeezed grape juice. There’s also a $10 daily lunch menu with lots of options to choose from. So if you’re nearby Parnell, or wanting to indulge in some sweetness this would be a great little spot.

Love the little touches to the cutlery and presentation. icechocP1018452
Original waffles – was a bit of a disappointment. Texture wasn’t too great and was a bit too sweet.P1018456 P1018463
Manuka Honey Bread – delicious. It was crunchy and not overly sweet. I enjoyed the almond flakes sprinkled on top.P1018476 P1018484Cafe Rhythm.
1/333 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland.



La Cigale Market is pretty much pastry heaven. On my visit, the place was bustling with people with the delicious smell of freshly baked buttery goodness wafting through the air – making me hungry, instantly. After a quick walkthrough to get an idea on what was available, my friend and I settled for a seafood paella ($8) to share. It was rich in flavour with generous helpings of seafood. We accompanied it with some refreshing freshly squeezed juice ($6).

Tarts and chocolate croissants were popping out of the ovens by the second it seemed, a joyful sight indeed. The Paris Brest ($5.50) was amazing, I especially enjoyed the roasted almond flakes sprinkled on the pastry. We couldn’t resist trying the lemon tart ($4.50) and chocolate croissant also.

On top of all this the market offers a wide range of other products ranging from homegrown fruit and veggies to homemade jam, kitchen utensils to handmade french soap, as well as sauces, pasta, wine and seafood.

If you’re stuck on what to do on a Saturday morning, head down to Parnell and soak in some sun (or rain I guess with the unpredictable Auckland weather) while munching your way round the market. Bear in mind – finding seats can be hard work.

giant-grapes oyster paella juices counter cream-puff macarons big-pretzel tarts-selection danish inside inside-2 gooseberry-drink soap

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