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On our trip to Melbourne we visited the famous Chadstone Shopping Centre which boasts 530 stores and is the largest mall in the southern hemisphere. It dwarfs anything that is available here in Auckland. The centre has an abundant amount of natural light shining through by way of its transparent glass ceiling, which makes it easy on the eyes and comfortable to shop. To no surprise, we couldn’t make it to every corner of the mall and inadvertently needed a rest. Happily we found that The Pancake Parlour was conveniently located inside, having just seen the standalone store on our way to the mall. The pancakes are amazing. We ordered the Regular Stack, and as The Parlour likes to say, ‘there’s nothing regular about the Regular Stack’. You have my word. There is 100% truth in that. It might not look like anything astounding, but believe me it was incredibly good. Secretly I hoped they would sell their mix in powder form so I could relive the memories back here in Kiwiland.pancakeparlour-front pancake-machine-pp menu-pp pancake-icecream- pp-paper-bag pp-logo-on-window

Hidden beside a modern art gallery and within a business block, I don’t think I would ever have stumbled across this restaurant had it not had an online coupon deal (such an excellent idea for cafes to generate some exposure and of course an initiative appeasing for the wallet). I haven’t read up on any reviews for this restaurant but I do know that they are slanted more towards the healthy eating side of things. I ordered a berry smoothie to go along with my eggs benedict. It may be too biased to base a restaurant on how well their benes are done but hey, I think it’s fair to say eggs benedict are a fair breakfast/brunch staple in Auckland.  Whilst the smoothie my taste-buds agreed on, the eggs not so much. My sister’s blueberry pancakes weren’t all that appetizing both visually or for the stomach. This isn’t a bustling crowd, people-watching cafe, but more of a modern quiet hideaway. I did enjoy the refreshing setup with the high ceiling, lots of natural light and an excellent in-outdoor flow.

table-marker smoothie beneblueberry-pancakes mother-in-law-eggs inside

Gala Cafe.
Zone 23, Unit G08 at 23 Edwin St, Mt Eden, Auckland. (not visible outside-  in the courtyard through the main entrance of the building.)


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