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_MG_2915 copy _MG_2877 copyIt’s been a while since we last visited a market and with winter drawing near it’ll be even harder to get up and out of bed early in the morning to make it to them. Matakana is a good hour drive north from Auckland Central – potential Easter revisit?_MG_2883 copy _MG_2905 copy

The crepes are a little on the salty side but still delicious regardless. The smoothies are a necessity for accompanying you whilst you flit between stalls. The handmade chocolate is the definite ‘souvenir’ back to Auckland. And the oysters are fresh and delightful._MG_2864 copy _MG_2866 copy _MG_2865 copy_MG_2869 copy_MG_2876 copy_MG_2875_MG_2908 copy_MG_2920 copy

Our best advice to you would be to go early – parking is mad during market opening hours, and bring enough cash – there’s one ATM (BNZ) that comes with a crazy long line._MG_2856 copy _MG_2924 copy _MG_2926 copy _MG_2910 copy _MG_2881 copy _MG_2882 copyMatakana Farmers Market.
2 Matakana Valley Road, Matakana.
8am – 1pm

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