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IMG_0959 copyThe Auckland food scene caters for everybody. Even those that wake up and vow to eat healthy all day everyday but end the day munching down on delicious burgers (yeah, we’re guilty as charged). Tucked down a driveway in Kingsland is Mondays, the brainchild of Eleanor from Petite Kitchen and Hannah from Health,Yeah. The place is small, very small. It can probably seat about seven people inside, so don’t go on a rainy day? There’s a courtyard but again, space is limited – so you’re best to takeaway.IMG_0935 IMG_0938

We don’t exactly see eye-to-eye on Mondays (but that’s the good thing of having two of us right, there’s a greater chance that one of us may have the same taste as you). While we both loved the salmon salad. I had about two sips of the drinks we ordered. Boni liked both the berry smoothie and the vanilla, honey, almond milk. She is an advocate for almond milk, while I am not. Clearly she is the health-food junkie and I the burger fiend – we cover the best of both worlds.IMG_0977 IMG_0964

When we visited, Mondays had just recently opened and it was a Saturday morning so the line was out the door. It’s best to follow them on some sort of social media (Facebook, Instagram) to get an idea of what they’re cooking up in the kitchen that day before going. As with all healthy wholefoods places, the quality is good but the prices are higher for less. The above three things cost a total of $31.IMG_0926 IMG_0952

Parking – the usual horrible Kingsland scenario.

Oh, and they’re open every day except Wednesday – not just Mondays.

503B New North Road, Auckland

These pies, at The Fridge are so famous we had to go check it out. Our luck had clearly run out and there were only a few pies left on the rack at 12:30. We opted for the mince, mozzarella, potato top pie. It was delicious, perfectly flaky, and had a rich buttery taste – it was definitely enjoyable. Though at a $8.50 price tag it didn’t seem worth it. Pies are things we classed as a cheap indulgence, that raked in at about $3/$4, and that was bad for your body but not your wallet.
P1016077-EditP1016078-EditThe orange and lemon freshly squeezed juice deserves several thumbs up. The berry smoothie though came as mouthfuls of seeds.
P1016090-Edit P1016110-EditWe also tried the Eggs Benedict with Salmon which came on homemade hashcakes ($17.50) and corn fritters with bacon ($17). The bacon was crispy but the corn fritters dry. After having successfully made eggs benedict at home, it’s difficult to convince us it costs almost $20. We now expect extravagant things from this dish when eating out – goodness we’re hard to impress.P1016105-Edit

Boni had a spontaneous pancake craving on Sunday morning and we went on a desperate Google, Yelp, Zomato search for somewhere that served it that was also not in the CBD or Ponsonby or anywhere further North than that. It was surprisingly a really tough task. We trawled through the many menus and decided to settle on this bad boy from Domain & Ayr.


Rightly named the Fluffy Pancake ($17) it was a feast for the eyes. Though sadly not so much the tastebuds. While it was fun to eat, photograph, and look at. It was more like swallowing mouthfuls of egg whites than an actual pancake. There’s a wait time of around 20 minutes for this little sweet cloud and if you do decide you want to try it make sure you bring a friend.P1016152-EditP1016142-Edit P1016127-EditP1016157-EditWe’ve had some beautiful clear, summer-like skies lately but with daylight saving ending it seems rain is imminent and will hit us on Friday, if not Thursday. Hope you all have an amazing week ahead nonetheless!
_DSC0024-EditThe Fridge Cafe.
507 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland.

Domain & Ayr.
492 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland

Yes, we’re alive! Thanks for staying with us this past month – we’ve been busy with both work and events. Check out the photos from our latest Yelp Elite Events here and here.

Today we ventured to Citizen Park, a popular restaurant and bar in Kingsland. There’s lots of space around with the courtyard tables and the high stools indoor area. The place is buzzing and is the perfect destination for after-work/late afternoon drinks and nibbles.

_MG_2350 _MG_2345_MG_2401

Decor, is of course the trending bare lightbulbs, retro style. There are numerous pot plants scattered along the bar, a FOOD neon light sign, ripped walls and brick walls._MG_2360 _MG_2396_MG_2359 _MG_2398To drink – Jarritos Mandarin ($6), San Pellegrino Limonata ($5).
_MG_2357 _MG_2353 _MG_2405Tokyo Chicken Burger ($15) – a little different to your typical chicken burger. There’s wasabi mayo, a black seaweed slaw and some tonkatsu sauce. The accompanying fries are super delicious._MG_2370_MG_2373 _MG_2385_MG_2365Pork Ribs ($32) – we loved these. They weren’t cooked overly soft and the side sauce was a good pairing. The dish was super filling for us and we ended up having to takeaway. A half-size portion would’ve been just right._MG_2379 _MG_2387 _MG_2380 _MG_2384_MG_2354_MG_2363 _MG_2408 _MG_2406 _MG_2394 _MG_2409 _MG_2414

On a side note – the toilets require special mention, they’re super clean and spacious.

Tomorrow we’ve booked a table to try the newly opened Gusto at SkyCity – if we’re quick you’ll see the post within the next day or so. Otherwise, check in on us on Instagram (@twohonesttruths) or Facebook, there’s bound to be a picture there!

Citizen Park.
424 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland.

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