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Silo 6 is often fitted out with exciting exhibitions. The most recent is ‘dark cloud / white light’ by Joseph Michael. It was beyond amazing. Paired with some great music the time lapse videos are just mesmerising. They also remind you just how beautiful New Zealand is and makes you want to travel to these beauty spots immediately. The videos take you through sunrise, dawn, dusk, sunset, and a sky full of stars. You have to go and see for yourself. The exhibition ends 26th Feb, so hurry!IMG_2450IMG_2438IMG_2443IMG_2455IMG_2451_MG_2466_MG_2457_MG_2475_MG_2487Joseph Michael.
Event details here.
Tues/Wed/Sun: 11-4
Thu/Sat: 12-7
Mon: By appointment.

Monday 11:00am – 9pm
Tuesday 11:00am – 4pm
Wednesday 11:00 – 9pm

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