Something that amazed me about Melbourne was the architecture in the CBD. Every second building you came across on the street seemed to embody some sort of historical facade. To me, it seemed to give the city more life as opposed to a concrete jungle where every second building was a tall, glass skyscraper instead. I’m not quite sure how long we spent on our visit to The State Library, there was so much to see and the place was so large that at some point we got lost. The library was reasonably full, but remained wonderfully quiet. With an interior so grand and captivating, it actually made me want to sit down and study with all the students that were there- though I’m doubtful on how they concentrate when people constantly walk past, at one point we even saw a tour group.

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So having lived right next to Australia, for possibly nearly 17 years we have never actually been to Melbourne (at least Boni’s been to the Gold Coast, but Kely hasn’t even stepped on Australian soil before!). The trip was rushed though, and somehow exhausting – we honestly rely on our cars too much here, but all in all it was a great trip and nice reunion with our sister who’s currently living in Taipei. Here’s a few snaps to start with, there’s more coming soon so remember to follow us!

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