Taste of Auckland 2014

IMG_7984 IMG_7980IMG_7794 IMG_7926IMG_7974 IMG_7973IMG_7976 IMG_7903 IMG_7857IMG_7860 IMG_7872 IMG_7949 IMG_7904 IMG_7843 IMG_7959 IMG_7968 IMG_7881 IMG_7818 IMG_7804 IMG_7821 IMG_7834 IMG_7909 IMG_7986

Taste 2014 battled a change in location and stormy weather. Parking was insane, we went through the usual hope of thinking we would be lucky, then it slowly deteriorated to us trying every tiny spot we could find on the side of a street, to almost giving up and paying $10 to park in someone’s driveway, and finally to stalking a family as they walked up the hill. That aside, this year’s event was was beautifully decked out with florals and green lush signs. Our favourite plates were crayfish risotto from The Oyster Inn, oysters and tuatuas from Depot, and Lucky Taco minis (Taste 2013 food was more interesting and better). You have to be prepared to spend a reasonable amount of money and time at Taste, dishes are usually around 8-12 crowns ($1 = 1 crown) – though there are some odd ones out, like the 20 crown sandwich from Harbourside. See you next year, Taste!

  1. Drat, I missed out on the Dilmah tea pairing! Those mini tacos look adorable. Amazing photos as always, you can’t even tell it was raining that day!

  2. amythlf said:

    I was one of those people that ended up paying $10 for a lawn parking! I loved the crayfish risotto, I think I might have to take a ferry to Waiheke to have it again!

    • It was delicious – wish there was slightly more crayfish meat in it. They really need to improve the parking situation!

  3. Milly Goes said:

    So many amazing photos of so much amazing food! Will definitely need to head there next year.

  4. Great photos! We ate a few of the same dishes 🙂

    I went on Thursday and the weather wasn’t very good, but we got by. I was lucky enough to get a ride there and a ride home from my friend’s mum. Otherwise, I think I would have opted for taxi.

    What did you think of Harbourside’s icon dish? I thought it was peculiar that it had foie gras in it, and loved the sound of all the decadent ingredients, but it wasn’t my favourite dish. I found it a little dry.

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