Soul Bar & Bistro

I realise this is late. It’s now the first day of spring (though that’s arguable considering the weather outside) which means Restaurant Month is well and truly over. But better late than never, right?

Soul Bar is among the Viaduct cluster, so expect waterfront views to accompany your dinner if you choose to sit outside.


I won’t bother telling you about the Restaurant Month deal since there is no use crying over spilt milk. But a few of the dishes are well worth going back for the full price.

Spicy tuna tartare, crushed avocado, jalapeno peppers, warm jou jou bread – we enjoyed this dish but have had better elsewhere.

Salt & pepper squid, roasted garlic and saffron mayonnaise, parsley and mint gremolata – fairly standard, nothing too out there.

Atlantic scallop risotto, roast parsnip, mascarpone and truffle – this is it, the great winner of the night. This risotto was delicious in every way. The scallops were fresh, the rice creamy but not too heavy. Everyone wanted seconds.IMG_3128

Braised wagyu beef short rib, pumpkin and verjuice puree, honey roast yams – we were looking forward to this dish the most. Yet it was synonymous round the table that this was the most disappointing of them all. The beef was dry and not quite as flavourful as we were expecting.

Duck breast with green papaya, coriander and mint salad with mango dressing, toasted pinenuts – super tasty, another highlight of the night. The duck was tender and the salad refreshing. Get this one!IMG_3135

Milk chocolate mouse, chocolate nib crackling, dark chocolate jelly, creme de cacao ice cream – I didn’t personally taste this dish but the others raved on about how rich and amazing it was. The desserts are fairly small but it was enough to impress.

Lemon and yuzu tart, coconut meringue, yuzu caramel puree, passionfruit sorbet – the sorbet was great, so was the meringue.

Soul is a great place to go for a quiet, relaxing dinner or for a drink at the bar/fireplace then dinner afterwards.The service is prompt and friendly, you won’t find your glass be empty very often. The only thing that I didn’t quite understand was why the bar needed to be lit up bright red and purple, surely this was not the place for these outrageous colours. With that aside my fellow diners had enjoyed the dinner so much, Soul was now one of their favourite restaurants. Never fear that Restaurant Month is over, Soul have Ladies Lunch for the month of September (sorry lads) which is $32.50 including a glass of Nautilus Sauvignon Blanc (more details here).

Soul Bar & Bistro
Viaduct Harbour, Auckland Central

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  1. may said:

    I got to say the description of dessert has got me hungry!

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