Ponsonby Road Bistro

IMG_1903PRB is one of those restaurants that you hear about often and that is full to the brim even on a weekday. Our first ever Yelp Elite Event was held here and we remember having delicious canapes served with sake, so back again we came.IMG_1901

Both food and service started off well.

Pita sticks with whipped feta and harissa ($12.50) – most of the sticks were crispy and the feta was an enjoyable dip.IMG_1911IMG_1908

Spiced duck and chickpea borek on tabbouleh with herbed yoghurt, tamarillo dressing ($19.50) – this was delicious and lightweight with the tabbouleh. We cleared this out fairly quickly.IMG_1912

Chargrilled steak with chunky fries, garlic-parsley butter – scotch ($29.50) – the steak was grilled just right and the fries were nice and crispy.IMG_1919

Pork belly schnitzel, celeriac-apple remoulade and cress ($33.50) – on first bite the pork belly was very tasty, past that and onto the second slice things started becoming a bit too much with the fat from the pork itself and the fried crumb layer.IMG_1915

Roast lamb rump on borlotti beans, balsamic picked radicchio and anchovy mayo ($35.50) – the lamb was tender but the overall dish was fairly standard and nothing stood out from the crowd.IMG_1921

There was so much promise in the dessert menu, but things went downhill from here. The wait just to order our dessert was terrible, when we had finally waved down a waiter to order he put forward service that was in fact quite frankly, rude. There was then another long wait before our plates came.

Warm Valrhona chocolate pudding with chocolate sauce and creme fraiche ($14.50) – super rich. The creme fraiche however seemed to be a casual passerby and didn’t really go well with the pudding.IMG_1941

Pear and boysenberry crumble with vanilla ice cream ($14.50) – the sweetness in this dessert was overpowering and I found it difficult to finish on its own without the ice cream.IMG_1935

Creme brulee ($14.50) – the sugar layer was much too thick. Let’s just say we still haven’t found THE creme brulee yet.IMG_1934 IMG_1933

I’m a little on the fence as to whether I will return, granted though that they change their menu often – so maybe in the distant future we will try again?

Sorry to those that have been looking out for the food ratings, we felt that the system we have in place now is quite flawed so we’re trying to come up with a new way to do this. Any suggestions on what aspects of the dining experience you’d like to see at a quick glance would be appreciated!

Ponsonby Road Bistro
156 Ponsonby Road, Auckland

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