The Return of the RAD

The name says it all. It’s the new rad café started up by ex-Best Ugly Bagels’ barista. We’ve been for breakfast and lunch and have enjoyed both.IMG_7951

The café has many rad features (see what I did there?). There are rad Lego blocks as table numbers – there was a kid that tried to steal ours, literally. The staff wear rad denim overalls. And the décor is pretty rad.IMG_7908 IMG_7935 IMG_7932

The Tang Tang ($7) – refreshing freshly squeezed pineapple, apple, orange, lemon and lime juice.

Hot Chocolate ($4.50) – the milk froth was oh-so-creamy and smooth. It had just the right amount of chocolate not overly sweet and not watered down.IMG_7917

Baby back spare ribs with slaw and twice cooked chips ($21.50) – these reminded me of Hong Kong style BBQ pork though much milder in flavour. The ribs had a sweet note to them but the meat was on the softer side. The chips, if you can call them that at the size of 2+ fingers, were much too filling for us.IMG_7930 IMG_7929

Grandma’s Banh Mi ($12.50) – the rad rolls are their staple dishes, in particular the Banh Mi. We enjoyed the baguette which wasn’t dry or tough and the meat was flavourful and juicy.IMG_7923

Blueberry Mascarpone cake ($5.90) – loved this cake. The top half is mascarpone with cake as the base. Being reasonably large in size we found it quite well priced. The base is a little dry – problem solved with yoghurt on the side.IMG_7938

There are more choices with the breakfast menu but that’s only for early birds that make it before 10:30. It’s busy almost all the time, but seat turnover is reasonably quick.IMG_7940

RAD Mt. Eden.
397 Mt Eden Road, Auckland.

  1. amythlf said:

    This place is awesome and I keep coming back for their Banh mi and cold drip coffee! One day, I will wake up early to try their breakfast…. one day!

  2. I think YOU need to teach ME how to use a camera, they’re beautiful *___*

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