Iguana Street Bar & Restaurant

IMG_7059 With the forecast being thundery for most of the long weekend and our unorganised selves, mainly the latter, we didn’t manage to plan any road trips or over-the-sea trips. Our four days involved analysing the weather for a good hour after a sleep-in and then spontaneously coming up with things to do – where we would eventually end up travelling to Hamilton to visit the Gardens in the rain and be inside playing mini golf and bowling when the sun was shining. Oh, New Zealand weather.IMG_7063

Our lunch at Iguana Restaurant definitely lifted our spirits a little bit more as it poured buckets-load outside. The restaurant is super spacious with roadside seats, lots of indoor seating and more out the back in the natural light. There are hanging bare lightbulbs above the bar, deer head statues on the wall, a pool table and a back wall lined with wooden cupboards filled with wine.IMG_7051 IMG_7058 IMG_7109 IMG_7100

Pulled pork baguette w/ Mediterranean salad and duckfat fries ($12) – fries were much too salty, or the curly fries were too good. We enjoyed both the salad and the baguette.IMG_7069

Out of the Blue pizza (Med $22.50) – delicious. The toppings were generous with large scallops and squid rings. We loved the crispy base too.IMG_7079

Lemon and chilli chicken pasta w/ added chorizo ($17) – too salty for us. It didn’t seem as exciting as we envisioned it from the menu and the chicken was on the drier side.IMG_7072

Curly fries w/ Aioli ($9.30) – get it, get it, get it!

Desserts are also supposed to be amazing – maybe next tiime?
IMG_7105 IMG_7046

Another long weekend is just around the corner – what do you have planned?

Iguana Restaurant.
203 Victoria Street South, Hamilton Central.

  1. What a warm inviting space…with generous lighting to boot…a food photographer’s dream.

    Curly fries always taste better but duck fat fries have a special place in my heart. Never had the pleasure of eating both side by side.

  2. amythlf said:

    Now I know where to eat when I’m down in Hamilton!

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