Weekend Snaps

These pies, at The Fridge are so famous we had to go check it out. Our luck had clearly run out and there were only a few pies left on the rack at 12:30. We opted for the mince, mozzarella, potato top pie. It was delicious, perfectly flaky, and had a rich buttery taste – it was definitely enjoyable. Though at a $8.50 price tag it didn’t seem worth it. Pies are things we classed as a cheap indulgence, that raked in at about $3/$4, and that was bad for your body but not your wallet.
P1016077-EditP1016078-EditThe orange and lemon freshly squeezed juice deserves several thumbs up. The berry smoothie though came as mouthfuls of seeds.
P1016090-Edit P1016110-EditWe also tried the Eggs Benedict with Salmon which came on homemade hashcakes ($17.50) and corn fritters with bacon ($17). The bacon was crispy but the corn fritters dry. After having successfully made eggs benedict at home, it’s difficult to convince us it costs almost $20. We now expect extravagant things from this dish when eating out – goodness we’re hard to impress.P1016105-Edit

Boni had a spontaneous pancake craving on Sunday morning and we went on a desperate Google, Yelp, Zomato search for somewhere that served it that was also not in the CBD or Ponsonby or anywhere further North than that. It was surprisingly a really tough task. We trawled through the many menus and decided to settle on this bad boy from Domain & Ayr.


Rightly named the Fluffy Pancake ($17) it was a feast for the eyes. Though sadly not so much the tastebuds. While it was fun to eat, photograph, and look at. It was more like swallowing mouthfuls of egg whites than an actual pancake. There’s a wait time of around 20 minutes for this little sweet cloud and if you do decide you want to try it make sure you bring a friend.P1016152-EditP1016142-Edit P1016127-EditP1016157-EditWe’ve had some beautiful clear, summer-like skies lately but with daylight saving ending it seems rain is imminent and will hit us on Friday, if not Thursday. Hope you all have an amazing week ahead nonetheless!
_DSC0024-EditThe Fridge Cafe.
507 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland.

Domain & Ayr.
492 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland

  1. Great photos! I have to disagree about the pies though, they are definitely worth $8.50. They can’t even be compared to $4 pies which are usually just gristle and fat. Fridge’s pie are AMAZING, and very filling, I struggle to finish one by myself.

    • Thanks! Maybe because we’re more steak and cheese and bacon and egg fans but missed on those flavours this time we didn’t appreciate it as much – maybe next round.

  2. 8.50 for a pie! that’s extortion! though at least it tasted decent, right? I’ve spent far more on food that didn’t taste good at all.

    that pancake got my eyes open really wide until you said egg whites, eew. I’m guessing you meant it’s a bit like an uncooked souffle?

    • Yeah sort of like that – have just updated with a photo of the inside of the ‘pancake’.

  3. I’ve never seen a pancake like that!

    It’s been a long time since I had a Fridge pie. I love the chicken and mushroom, but also the mince and mozzarella and of course, the bacon and egg pie is quite possibly the best bacon and egg pie there is. I’ve bought them at $8.50 but they somehow don’t taste as good as when they were $6. Maybe the extortion leaves a bad aftertaste? Still, $8.50 is still cheaper than a $20 cooked breakfast…and you get pie for breakfast 🙂 My husband always gets 2 pies. I get 1 pie and a Caesar wrap. I eat my pie first and then save the wrap can be eaten later. We used to come here for a hangover cure. If you think of the pies as being medicinal, $8.50 isn’t so bad.

    • That is true, it’s very hard to find a well cooked breakfast significantly less than $20 now. Hopefully next time we visit The Fridge we’ll have more flavours to choose from in terms of pie!

      • Yes, breakfast with a coffee and a smoothie always pushes us past the $20 mark. So going out for brunch these days is a very rare treat. I can cook brunch at home for four people for $20 EASY.

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