Citizen Park

Yes, we’re alive! Thanks for staying with us this past month – we’ve been busy with both work and events. Check out the photos from our latest Yelp Elite Events here and here.

Today we ventured to Citizen Park, a popular restaurant and bar in Kingsland. There’s lots of space around with the courtyard tables and the high stools indoor area. The place is buzzing and is the perfect destination for after-work/late afternoon drinks and nibbles.

_MG_2350 _MG_2345_MG_2401

Decor, is of course the trending bare lightbulbs, retro style. There are numerous pot plants scattered along the bar, a FOOD neon light sign, ripped walls and brick walls._MG_2360 _MG_2396_MG_2359 _MG_2398To drink – Jarritos Mandarin ($6), San Pellegrino Limonata ($5).
_MG_2357 _MG_2353 _MG_2405Tokyo Chicken Burger ($15) – a little different to your typical chicken burger. There’s wasabi mayo, a black seaweed slaw and some tonkatsu sauce. The accompanying fries are super delicious._MG_2370_MG_2373 _MG_2385_MG_2365Pork Ribs ($32) – we loved these. They weren’t cooked overly soft and the side sauce was a good pairing. The dish was super filling for us and we ended up having to takeaway. A half-size portion would’ve been just right._MG_2379 _MG_2387 _MG_2380 _MG_2384_MG_2354_MG_2363 _MG_2408 _MG_2406 _MG_2394 _MG_2409 _MG_2414

On a side note – the toilets require special mention, they’re super clean and spacious.

Tomorrow we’ve booked a table to try the newly opened Gusto at SkyCity – if we’re quick you’ll see the post within the next day or so. Otherwise, check in on us on Instagram (@twohonesttruths) or Facebook, there’s bound to be a picture there!

Citizen Park.
424 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland.

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  1. Hello ladies! The ribs look great but a little expensive. I guess they would be a great dish to share with others or as you say, a half portion would be great for the belly and the pocket.

    I’ve only been to Citizen Park to drink. Friday nights can be crazy busy. Only some of found seats and some of us stood around the chairs like idiots. Too popular for fun.

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