Takapuna Beach Cafe & Store

Sorry we haven’t been checking as regularly in the past week, we have, like many of you been out and enjoying the beautiful sunshine. First off, have you seen our Zomato GIVEAWAY? A $25 restaurant voucher plus a large White’s & Co. froyo is up for grabs! All you have to do is LIKE us on Facebook and ANSWER the question: Which is the first city we visited in the South Island? (Hint: Answer can be found in the Travel tab above) EMAIL us the answer at hello@twohonesttruths.com. More details can be found in the Facebook post.

This is not a new opening or a first-time visit, but we think consistency is just as important as first impressions. There have been so many restaurants where we’ve had great experiences on the first go but left disappointed after the second or third try (cough Miss Clawdy, cough Ebisu). Today not only was the weather terrible, but also our meal at Hip Group’s Takapuna Beach Cafe. Having been our favourite spot to go on the Shore we were not too impressed this time round.P1014729-Edit

We arrived at around 3pm so the menu had changed to the Afternoon set and was a lot more limited. For drinks we had the Vanilla Bean smoothie and the Ice Chocolate. Whilst we had loved the former at The Store before (read here) today it tasted off and had a hint of bitterness in it. I had about 1/4 of the drink, hoping it would get better as I drank, but it did not and I left the rest untouched. P1014722-Edit

The Fish Burger, previously having been such a glorious dish (read here) was disappointing too. Although there was a generous helping of fish it lacked flavour and the fries were soggy.P1014711-Edit

The Beetroot salad looked great, but I didn’t enjoy it. The puree was super sweet and the large cubes of feta were too salty.P1014716-Edit

Service was also not the typical Hip Group standard. Yes we were offered sparkling as we sat down but it never got filled up again, only after I asked twice. No one came around to ask us about our food and the waitress forgot what we ordered. Considering the meal cost a good $60, we’re not too excited to go back anytime soon.

Takapuna Beach Cafe & Store
22 The Promenade, Takapuna, Auckland.takapunabeachcafe

  1. I love this place and find their service amazing. Staff are usually really attentive..you must have caught them on an off day – seems a shame

  2. omg those glass cake stands, so beautiful. pity about the price and service!

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