Petit Bocal

Wanting to try something new we did a quick scour through the Internet for a small and relaxed cafe, preferably not too far away and that was actually still open (this was around 3pm). Along with all the new restaurants that Auckland has been graced with this year, there has also been new review sites like Zomato and Yelp – which are a lot more up to date than your Dineout and Menumania. Petit Bocal has some raving reviews so we decided to check it out. twohonesttruths_petitbocal01 copy twohonesttruths_petitbocal02Inside, the French restaurant has fresh white walls and hanging lightbulbs. The wooden tables are decorated with flowers, and there are black and white photographs hanging ranging from the great Eiffel Tower to a cute kid holding a baguette.
twohonesttruths_petitbocal10twohonesttruths_petitbocal11To drink we had the Super juice in berry and tropical ($6 each). This was just bottled juice but fine on a hot summer’s day. We would’ve liked to see some smoothies on the menu too since it was too hot for tea and we’re not coffee or chocolate fans.twohonesttruths_petitbocal03 copyWe’d read great things about the Eggs benedict ($17 with bacon) so that was quickly on order. The hollandaise sauce we found a lot more lemony than your typical, which works for me. On the other hand the bread was a lot more tougher than I anticipated. It was difficult to cut, I ended up just picking it up and eating it with my hands.twohonesttruths_petitbocal05 twohonesttruths_petitbocal04 copyThe Croque Madame ($16 + $5 fries) was delicious. The classic French toastie with ham and cheese can come with an egg on top (Madame) or not (Monsieur). Although the egg was cooked just right the bread fell soggy after the dish went back to the kitchen because they forgot the egg on the first go.twohonesttruths_petitbocal07 twohonesttruths_petitbocal06We thought the portions were large and the prices reasonable. They’re also open 7am – 10pm which is a definite bonus.twohonesttruths_petitbocal14twohonesttruths_petitbocal13 twohonesttruths_petitbocal09 twohonesttruths_petitbocal08twohonesttruths_petitbocal15You can find us on FacebookInstagram, WordPress, Zomato, and Yelp.

Petit Bocal.
177 Sandringham Road, Sandringham, Auckland.chalkboard-ratings

  1. What a cute place! I was about to go last week but ended up eating at the typical Asian joints on Dominion.

    • Boni tried cronuts at The Store a while back and it was sadly all downhill after the first bite. Much too greasy.

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