Phil Grieg Strawberry Garden

We love strawberries. They’re good as is, dipped in chocolate, infused in frozen delights, pancake’s sidekick, waffle’s sidekick, cake decorators, cake fillers, in champagne, for breakfast, for dinner, for snacking, for dessert – yes, where were we? We love strawberries.

Today we headed West of Auckland and stopped by Muriwai Beach for the morning and lunch. We got a little tan, a little sunburnt, watched the crashing waves and visited the nesting gannets.
twohonesttruths_muriwai01 copy twohonesttruths_muriwai05 copy twohonesttruths_muriwai08 copy twohonesttruths_muriwai10 copy twohonesttruths_muriwai06 copy twohonesttruths_muriwai07 copy twohonesttruths_muriwai11 copy twohonesttruths_muriwai15 copy twohonesttruths_muriwai13 copy twohonesttruths_muriwai16 copy twohonesttruths_muriwai17 copy twohonesttruths_muriwai12 copy twohonesttruths_muriwai02 copy twohonesttruths_muriwai03 copy twohonesttruths_muriwai18 copy twohonesttruths_muriwai19 copy twohonesttruths_muriwai20 copy If you’re buying at the cafe, get the Fish burgers. BYO tomato sauce or really BYO everything (we were just lazy).twohonesttruths_muriwai22 copyPhil Grieg is between Muriwai and Auckland. You get to PYO (Pick Your Own) strawberries and eat some as you go. Great for fanatics like us. It’s $7.50 on entry which is then deducted from your first kg. For those who haven’t been, strawberry plants are short and you have to search for the goodies between the leaves. There is a lot of bending involved – as compared to blueberry picking where the fruits are on trees (read our post here).twohonesttruths_muriwai_strawberry29 copy twohonesttruths_muriwai_strawberry24 twohonesttruths_muriwai_strawberry26 copy twohonesttruths_muriwai_strawberry23 No doubt there would be ice cream and yoghurt to be had. They’re incredibly photogenic. The one on the left is Regular ($4.50) and the one on the right is Supa ($5.90). You can also get Mega with sprinkles and a flake on top. We were however terribly disappointed. The yoghurt lacked strawberry flavour and the chocolate was not tasty at all. Mangere strawberry farm (picture here) is definitely far more superior and cheaper ($3.80). Mangere’s strawberries for sale are also a lot larger and sweeter than Phil’s. Phil Grieg will be great for a strawberry picking afternoon session but not quite worth going otherwise.twohonesttruths_muriwai_strawberry27 copyPhil Grieg Strawberry Garden.
464 State Highway 16, Kumeu.

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