Taste of Auckland 2013

We left Victoria Park yesterday afternoon feeling very full and elated after attending Taste of Auckland. It was a foodie’s heaven and we had a glorious amount of food and drinks.twohonesttruths_tasteauckland01The Depot – Pulled Pork Slider : most definitely one of our favourites. The bun was soft and the flavours amazing with apple slaw and pickled jalapenos. It was so good we went back for seconds.

The Depot – Oysters : not quite as fresh as we had hoped. Though it may be because we went back at the very end for these and it was nearing the end of the lunch session. We were there for a solid three hours!
twohonesttruths_tasteauckland04twohonesttruths_tasteauckland03twohonesttruths_tasteauckland30 twohonesttruths_tasteauckland02Toto’ – Mushroom Tortellini : so delicious. It was well made, not too soft or soggy and the sauce was incredibly tasty.

Toto’ – Calamari : this was nothing special. The flavours weren’t quite there, we thought the vegetables were actually better than the squid itself.twohonesttruths_tasteauckland05twohonesttruths_tasteauckland27Passionfruit Mocktail : the heat was crazy on such a beautiful day, this helped cool us down and was only $3 too!twohonesttruths_tasteauckland34We sampled lots of free food like Simon Gault’s prawns, some of Al Brown’s delicious creamy smoked butter, and the Fisher & Paykel lamb roast reinvented experience.twohonesttruths_tasteauckland32 twohonesttruths_tasteauckland14twohonesttruths_tasteauckland08twohonesttruths_tasteauckland10The Grove – Tuna with grilled prawn : another one of our favourites. So fresh and so delicious, we could have easily gone back for seconds or thirds.
twohonesttruths_tasteauckland16 Baduzzi – Wagyu meatballs : this was top notch with some super tasty sauce and very juicy meat.twohonesttruths_tasteauckland17 twohonesttruths_tasteauckland15twohonesttruths_tasteauckland09 twohonesttruths_tasteauckland18 twohonesttruths_tasteauckland19The Commons – Vanilla salmon with coconut and lime sorbet : our least favourite from the entire event. Not quite sure we actually finished it, the flavours were on two extreme scales of salty and sweet, it didn’t quite sit well with us.twohonesttruths_tasteauckland21 Fish – Chocolate marquise with popcorn ice cream and milk : a very rich and enjoyable dessert with gooey caramel underneath.twohonesttruths_tasteauckland26twohonesttruths_tasteauckland20 twohonesttruths_tasteauckland22 There was so much good wine and drinks to have. We had some from The People’s Wine and some Passionfruit cider from Rekorderlig.twohonesttruths_tasteauckland23 twohonesttruths_tasteauckland24 twohonesttruths_tasteauckland33We loved the amount of detail that went into setting up the marquees. It was a truly great day. Thanks to Genie at Bunny Eats Design for our tickets, we can’t wait for next year!twohonesttruths_tasteauckland25 twohonesttruths_tasteauckland28 twohonesttruths_tasteauckland29 Taste of Auckland.
Victoria Park.

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