Art in the Dark


Every November, for one weekend Western Park in Ponsonby lights up. It transforms into an open gallery with glowing trees, bacteria octopuses, and cycling human electric generators. If you missed out this year, that’s okay there’s always next November, though no guarantee of running shining people.


twohonesttruths_artsinthedark01twohonesttruths_artsinthedark10 twohonesttruths_artsinthedark11twohonesttruths_artsinthedark14 twohonesttruths_artsinthedark15Lily of the Valley – a valley of luminous lilies created with plastic bags. 
twohonesttruths_artsinthedark13NAG – powered by artists through vintage racing bicycles to produce electricity. 
twohonesttruths_artsinthedark03 twohonesttruths_artsinthedark06 twohonesttruths_artsinthedark09 twohonesttruths_artsinthedark04 twohonesttruths_artsinthedark07 twohonesttruths_artsinthedark05 twohonesttruths_artsinthedark08Art in the Dark.
Western Park, Ponsonby (free entry)

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  1. pattyhmw said:

    where is the glowing bacteria???

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