Yelp Elite Event: Yelp Turns Water Into Wine

We were invited to Yelp’s third Auckland Elite Event, and this time as photographers! Since Kely was busy at university, with camera and friend in tow I took one for the team.


Guests were greeted with a glass of Foxes Island Riesling on arrival – an award-winning wine and my favourite of the night. I’d first tried Riesling when dining at Sails, and I’ve been reminiscent ever since. This was beautiful. Its sweet and fruity flavour was just right for novice drinkers like myself. The hint of white peach and jasmine creates a very fresh finish. I would’ve had a few more sips if I weren’t busy snapping away…


To complement the wine there was a selection of cheese from Whangaripo Buffalo Cheese and bread baked by Bread and Butter Bakery. The cheese supplied was St Malo, Marin Blue and St Augustine (Brie White). I enjoyed St Malo the most. The creaminess was unmatchable.twohonesttruths_YelpEliteNZ_Wine_23twohonesttruths_YelpEliteNZ_Wine_28twohonesttruths_YelpEliteNZ_Wine_02 twohonesttruths_YelpEliteNZ_Wine_12

In John (owner of Foxes Island) and his partner, Kelly’s short introduction, he touched upon his inspiration as a winemaker and the process to making one of New Zealand’s best wine. We were then offered Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir (the ‘holy grail’). The Pinot Noir had more of a potent earthy aroma. The wine was denser and had a punch of spice to it.

twohonesttruths_YelpEliteNZ_Wine_10twohonesttruths_YelpEliteNZ_Wine_05twohonesttruths_YelpEliteNZ_Wine_17 twohonesttruths_YelpEliteNZ_Wine_15

Having seen the bottle circle around some of Auckland’s best eateries, I was delighted to finally have a drink of the pure New Zealand water, Antipodes. Rated the purest water on Earth, Morven talked about how Antipodes sourced water from a deep aquifer of more than 327m deep underground (roughly the same height as the Sky Tower!). The water has been there for more than 300 years so was the purest around. Antipodes has low mineral levels so will not corrupt out palates, wine’s best companion.

twohonesttruths_YelpEliteNZ_Wine_04twohonesttruths_YelpEliteNZ_Wine_29twohonesttruths_YelpEliteNZ_Wine_24twohonesttruths_YelpEliteNZ_Wine_20 twohonesttruths_YelpEliteNZ_Wine_18 twohonesttruths_YelpEliteNZ_Wine_27

It was definitely a wonderful opportunity. I was able to reconnect with some of the Yelpers I met last time at the Sake Tasting at Ponsonby and other new Yelpers. Thanks to Alex for inviting us again.
For more photos click here .

twohonesttruths_YelpEliteNZ_Wine_11Foxes Island City Door Cellar.
15C Williamson Avenue, Ponsonby, Auckland.

  1. Great angles and love the photos! Would be a dream job- photographing for food events and being able to sample some too ;D

  2. I love yelp! if youeever come to singapore you should join us for our (semi-regular) brunches and meet the others!

    • We honestly had no idea how big Yelp actually was, the Yelp community is amazing! Will definitely keep that in mind.

  3. A big thank you from the Foxes for all the great pics (& visiting us!) – We love Yelp and use it constantly at home & when we travel…and now we have a new favorite blog – THT!

    • Thanks so much for dropping by! Glad to hear that you love the photos, will hopefully be visiting you again soon for some of that amazing Riesling.

  4. pattyhmw said:

    Riesling!! I could use some for now, I miss NZ

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