We’re here! We’re finally here to test out the meatball craze that Auckland has been on since Baduzzi opened a few weeks ago. The restaurant name, surprise! means ‘meatballs’ in Sicilian. Of course, the Italian inspired restaurant also serves other authentic dishes.


Obviously the gusty wind and rain kept no hungry Aucklander at home, the wait for tables easily reached the hour mark. Unless you’re dining in a large group, be prepared to sit at the corners of the restaurant where space could be quite minimal. It’s also a mission to get the staff’s attention if you’ve been tucked away.

To start we ordered the Shaved waygu tongue with salsa rossa ($9) and the Insalata of white beans and squid ($13). Roasted potato cubes were paired with tangy salsa and wrapped in a fresh slice of waygu – we were told to roll up the tongue in order to get all the goodness in one mouthful, even if it meant getting your hands dirty. The flavours were amazing. The salad on the other hand was a little less exciting. It was refreshing but nothing extraordinary.

twohonesttruths_baduzzi03 twohonesttruths_baduzzi02

Under the Polpette menu you will find a wide range of meatball flavours. To share, we got the Crayfish ($16) and Deer and mushroom ($12). The crayfish won both our hearts. The deer was a lot bolder in taste but tended towards the salty side.

twohonesttruths_baduzzi05 twohonesttruths_baduzzi04

Dessert was no doubt the famous Tiramisu ($12). It truly lived up to its reviews. It was silky and creamy, and amazing with some sprinkled coffee crunch. The biscuit around it provided the perfect sweetness and crunch.


I would definitely return for dessert and the delicious waygu tongue. The staff are very friendly, although most of them have not personally tried the dishes so recommendations are a bit limited – it’s okay, we have you covered!

twohonesttruths_baduzzi08Spot him again below!

twohonesttruths_baduzzi07 twohonesttruths_baduzzi09Baduzzi.
Corner Jellicoe Street & Fish Lane, North Wharf, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland Central.  


    • It was definitely one of the stand-out dishes! Just curious as to when you’ll be sending out the tickets Genie? We can’t wait to go to the show at the end of the year!

  1. thinking about tongue gives me slight shudders, but that appetiser looks fantastic!

    I wonder if a meatball craze will ever catch on here..

  2. Looks so good! I’ve been meaning to head down to Baduzzi too, you’ve convinced me I definitely need to go now 🙂

    • Great! I like it how our blogs inspire each other of our next food destinations 😛

  3. amythlf said:

    I’m going next week and will try the wagyu tongue! Great photos 🙂

  4. Ruby said:

    Pastry Head Chef Juan is an amazing guy,his dessert will never let you down 🙂

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