Hobsonville Point Farmers Market: Velvet Delight

We visited the Hobsonville Point Farmers Market last Saturday with the main goal of the 40-minute drive being to pick up these beautiful cupcakes from Velvet Delight. Being terribly lazy we only just made it to the market at 12:30. It was surprisingly empty with nothing much to see or do. The cupcakes are super adorable and are great both in looks and taste. We especially enjoyed the salted caramel popcorn one, and also the vanilla cream on top of the red velvet. The cupcakes are super soft. If you’re over the shore we highly recommend getting some of these delights and visiting on Sundays for a greater range. Don’t worry though, Brooke tells us they will soon be moving to the City Centre! There’s so many more that we want to try, namely the lemon, ice-cream sundae and banoffee. (Cupcakes are $4 each or $20 for 6). We also bought some fresh European-style sausages from Salash Delicatessen at the market and spotted a vege garden grown by the cafe next door.

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P1010011-Edit P1010029-Edit P1010037 P1010025-Edit P1010022-Edit P1010021-Edit P1010048-EditVelvet Delight (Saturday & Sunday 9-1pm).
Hobsonville Farmers Market
Cnr Buckley Avenue and Hastings Cresent, Hobsonville.

  1. mands said:

    Love love LOVE the Hobsonville Point Farmer’s Market! You’ll have to check them out in their new venue down at the waterfront.

    • If we ever wake up early enough we will go again! Do you know if there is anything else in that area that would be worth visiting while we’re there?

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