NZ: Pie Face

P8309181Last night I had the privilege of attending the Pie Face pre-opening with a friend of mine. We tasted pie after pie and also met some of the main guys behind it: Julian and Matt. The pastry is amazing and definitely matchable to Australia’s (read our Melbourne: Pie Face blog here), if not better, on home soil. The pies are made fresh at their Mt Wellington factory with top ingredients like 100% NZ Angus Beef. There’s a lot on offer, from savoury to sweet pies, and bagels to croissants as well as cookies and muffins. We thought the savoury won over the sweet. Our favourites of the night were the Steak and Cheese, the Chicken and Mushroom and the Spinach Roll. Prices range from $1.90 to $6.90 for single items. There are also combo deals and catering available. The flagship store is very spacious with more seating towards the back of the restaurant. The interior adopts more of the New York: Pie Face store style and features some funky wall art and hanging bare lightbulbs. They’re now officially open on 18 Shortland Street Auckland Central, and in two weeks will be operating 24 hours. More stores will be rolling out very soon. Hurry in for some flaky, buttery goodness. Go get pie-faced and have some liquid gold (coffee) too while you’re at it. -Kely P8309182-Edit P8309190-Edit P8309187-Edit P8309227-Edit P8309198-EditP8309194 P8309209-Edit Untitled-1 P8309212-Edit P8309207-Edit P8309205 P8309219-Edit P8309233 P8309243 P8309242 P8309245 P8309246-Edit P8309251P8309184Pie Face.
18 Shortland Street, Auckland Central.


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