Ponsonby Central – The Dairy

Simple concepts — Good food.

For most, the dairy is the convenient corner shop in the neighbourhood that you would walk past after school and spend all your spare cash at for food and other necessities, but mainly food. The Dairy, located in Ponsonby Central brings a unique twist and so much more. As we blogged before (click here), we love Ponsonby Central and are hoping to try out most, if not all the restaurants there. Today we indulged in:

– Root vege crisps ($6) – these are perfect. They feature a range of veges like beetroot and pumpkin and are sliced thinly, fried and seasoned with a little sprinkling of salt. They are just too good. We couldn’t get enough.
– Ice cream sandwich ($7.50) – the cookies are baked fresh and are soft and chewy. They are a delight with Kapiti ice cream and, kind of addictive.
– Ice cream soda ($7.50) – this is where the fun happens. Topped with candy floss and sizzling with soda, the lime syrup and plum combination was interesting and delicious.

We sat outside and our table of food was a show-stopper. People would slow their walking speed and take discreet looks, trying not to stare but were obviously intrigued by what we were eating. It’s all very attractive stuff. Some couldn’t resist and picked up the menu, ordering the same.

We would happily spend away at The Dairy (and believe so would you after your first visit!).P1018999-Edit P1018972 P1018980-Edit-EditP1018989 P1018984 P1019002 P1019005 P1019007 P1019008 P1019010-EditThe Dairy.
Ponsonby Central. 7 Richmond Road, Ponsonby, Auckland.


    • It does! We’re a little addicted…thinking of going back this weekend again haha.

  1. Love these photos! It’s a pretty photogenic place isn’t it 🙂 I need to go back and try those kumara chips!!

    • Definitely! Me too, can’t wait to go back to have some more of those vege crisps.

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