Cafe Rhythm


For the past year I’ve been constantly missing the hot crispy waffles topped with cream, fruits, ice cream and a swirl of sauce that I had been so accustomed to while living in Korea. After hearing that Cafe Rhythm would be the closest thing I could get in Auckland to satisfy my cravings I made a beeline to Parnell straight away. We ordered the famous Original Waffles ($15) and Manuka Honey Bread ($8) along with Chips and aioli ($8). For drinks we had a Belgian Hot Chocolate ($4.50) and an Ice Chocolate ($6). You can imagine we quickly went into a sugar coma. The desserts would also have gone well with a hot cup of tea or the freshly squeezed grape juice. There’s also a $10 daily lunch menu with lots of options to choose from. So if you’re nearby Parnell, or wanting to indulge in some sweetness this would be a great little spot.

Love the little touches to the cutlery and presentation. icechocP1018452
Original waffles – was a bit of a disappointment. Texture wasn’t too great and was a bit too sweet.P1018456 P1018463
Manuka Honey Bread – delicious. It was crunchy and not overly sweet. I enjoyed the almond flakes sprinkled on top.P1018476 P1018484Cafe Rhythm.
1/333 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland.


  1. Kim said:

    wow! looks really good

  2. What a treasure. Never heard of this place but will keep it in mind. The Manuka honey bread sounds very special.

    • We’re on a hunt for more new places to try 😀 Auckland is so much fun for a foodie nowadays.

  3. I love this place because it’s so cute. Their salads are quite nice, I’ve been meaning to try the manuka honey bread.

  4. S J Y said:

    For waffles, try The Shelf, on High Street in auckland cbd, or Dear Jervois in Herne Bay. Both are owned and operated by Koreans

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