Grassy Knoll

It’s officially Restaurant Month! The first restaurant I tried was Grassy Knoll. In actual fact, I hadn’t chosen the cafe based on its participation in the Big Little City promotion but that I had been having a terrible stomach bug the last few days and had appetite only for more light and healthy meals. A quick google search had led me to believe this was the healthiest interesting place I could get in the city centre. So, this month’s menu at Grassy Knoll is:

Salad – Grilled Chorizo, Mesclun, Tomato, Onion, Courgette
Soup of the Day – today was Lentil, Chickpea, Bacon
Hot lemon ginger tea ($21)

It’s pretty straightforward, the dishes are full of ingredients and delicious. The ginger tea was superb on such a cold windy day, warm and soothing. The portions were just right and we all loved the bread that it came with. How shall I put it, I think it’s simply – they make feel-good meals.

One thing you must know, their cabinet is jaw dropping. The sandwiches piled in there look amazingly good, and are brimming with ingredients. I am running back already.

Check out the Restaurant Month menus here.P1018087-Edit P1018089-Edit P1018092-Edit P1018096-Edit P1018099-EditP1018088-Edit

Let’s add a little mystery. Visit Grassy Knoll to see for yourself the yummy looking cabinet.P1018104-Edit
Grassy Knoll.
21 Shortland Street, Auckland Central.


  1. Mariska said:

    It’s literally just down the road from home for me! On my days off work I go and take a walk around, always, always stopping first for my takeaway flat white from this place. Hmmmm maybe I should give their noms a try too!

    • Oh so convenient! Definitely go try it n let us know what you think 🙂

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