On the coldest day of the year (yesterday), we braced ourselves and ventured out to do some quick shopping in Newmarket. We’d walked past Whoopie a few times since its opening but haven’t actually tasted them before. As we went quite late in the day, there weren’t that many flavours to choose from in the cabinet. That, and because Kely is allergic to chocolate (we hope it’s only temporary) our choices were limited. Mind you, the pies that contained chocolate looked super delicious. We settled on the Berry and Vanilla pie. At first we were expecting something overly sweet, like you find with the prepackaged ones that are sold in supermarkets. Whoopie has nailed it though, it was just the right amount of sweetness and of course freshly baked is always the best. The cake was soft and the filling so incredibly good. Our whoopie pie server was very thoughtful, helping us cut the pie in half to share – saving us from deciding who gets the first bite. We will definitely be returning. I’m actually craving for some more as I’m writing this post. Technically we should have been ordering something like hot tea to keep us warm but the happiness we experienced after wolfing down the whoopie pie did pretty much the same thing. There is a table in the little store for you to dine-in if you wish. A very dangerous seat. After trying one, you’ll be wanting to have another…and maybe just one more…there’ll be no leaving the store. We think the Whoopie owners should place some cushions on those stools and on the odd day, slide some whoopie cushions underneath them ha ha ha.

On a side note, we are super excited about Restaurant Month launching for August! Check out the menus here. We already have our eye on a few places we would like to try out. Be sure to link us your food adventures if you do partake in Restaurant Month, we’d love to hear where you guys have been so we can visit those restaurants too before August ends!

Because this was a spur of the moment visit, we didn’t have our camera with us. The following are just iPhone photos, hope you enjoy them nonetheless.whoopie1 photo-4photo-1photo-3whoopie3Whoopie.
2A Hakanoa Street, Grey Lynn
Shop 21, 10 Nuffield Street, Newmarket

  1. Ohmygodddd, we have a Whoopie shop?! That was a very dangerous blog post you just did.. Now I have to hunt this place down immediately..

  2. Love the design. You are right about it being dangerous to eat in. Just picture a Whoopie Pie yum cha or high tea?

  3. I hope your chocolate allergy goes away soon! whoopie pies are just like cupcakes to me – so cute, but I can’t abide the frosting!

    • I hope so too, when the allergy hit four months ago I realised so much food actually contains chocolate. I’m missing out on too much!

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