Melbourne: Miscellaneous

This is our last post about our Melbourne trip – possibly time to start planning the next holiday?manchesterpress1 manchesterpress2Manchester Press is extremely popular, again with a waiting crowd. In our opinion the food was average.dessertstoryAmazing milk shaved ice with mango cubes and mango popping jelly. We’re craving this all day every day, take us back please!stkildabeachP5015005-Edit-Edit P5015031-Edit P5015033-Edit P5015045-Edit-EditIncredibly beautiful day and an incredibly beautiful beach.P5015059-Edit P5015087-EditThis is hands down the best steak I have ever had in my life. No exaggeration. A must-visit.sushisushiConvenient, fresh, cheap and good quality sushi. Why can’t we have such things in Auckland too?originallollyshopFun little shop jam-packed with goodies, we probably spent a little too long in here.P1015298-Edit P1015288-Edit copy P1015292-Edit copy P1015293-EditP1015519-Edit P1015461-Edit-Edit P1015426-Edit-EditA very popular tapas destination situated just opposite Federation Square. They have two restaurant spaces next to each other and both are full to the brim with a wait extending past the half hour. The food was very tasty and at a reasonable cost.

We hope you enjoyed these Melbourne blog posts!

  1. hello there! what is that in the first picture – I see a bagel but can’t quite make out that pink stuff on top.

    and also, that uni sushi loves terrific! great photos 😀

    • Thank you! The first picture is a Fruit & nut bagel with mixed berry mascarpone topped with strawberry and pistachio. 🙂

      • that’s sounds so delicious..

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