Melbourne: The Hardware Societe

Obviously we ate our hearts out in Melbourne. The Hardware Societe is a famous breakfast/brunch destination in the CBD. We waited for around 30 minutes. Inside, the cafe was bustling with people and sported a happy and light atmosphere. The staff were friendly and offered prompt service. Between the three of us we shared a baked egg dish and some mushrooms. Both were great. The baked egg simply stole our hearts, it had ample amounts of flavour with the egg cooked to perfection. There’s also an array of homemade jams and other treats for sale. It’s definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area and don’t mind the wait. Please do let us know of any baked egg recipes you guys may have, we’ve been dying to relive this delicious dish.P1015226-Edit P1015269-Edit P1015273-Edit P1015260-Edit P1015251-Edit P1015246-Edit P1015279-Edit P1015276-Edit P1015240-EditP1015215-Edit P1015231-Edit

Sister bracelets!

Sister bracelets!

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