A small food trail

The best way to bid farewell to 3 weeks of exams is with food. Glorious amounts of food. First stop: Mecca. Our top priorities here were it had to be close by, warm, tasty and filling. Mecca is conveniently located within The Chancery and is one of the busier restaurants in the lot. The couscous on our chicken salad was a little on the sweet side but complemented well with the meat. Second stop: Milse. It’s difficult staying away from this dessert gem. This time we dined in, and had the best seat in the restaurant watching the chefs at work. Food wise, still wonderfully amazing. I’ve never really been a great fan of macarons. Even though they pose for great photos, I’ve always found them overly sweet and unappetising. Milse macarons however were surprisingly tasty, they were chewy and not a hint of that exaggerated sweetness. I will definitely be trying more flavours. Too full for dessert? Never. Last stop: White’s & Co. There’s something different about having frozen delights during winter, that chill is slightly exhilarating and White’s & Co. never fails. Mango is my go-to flavour and so beautiful with that ‘sassy saffron’ cotton candy as our frozen yoghurt server happily named it. If you haven’t been to White’s & Co you are missing out. Once you try it, you will never turn back to those watery froyos. Get there now! (Our love for White’s & Co is strong, check out our previous posts here and here.) P1016858 P1016863 P1016870 P1016861 P1016868 P1016864 P1016880P1016882


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