Melbourne: The Breslin Bar & Grill

On a Sunday night we decided to go for a stroll along the Yarra River in search of some good food. We were told that most of the decent restaurants would be closed so it was really a hit or miss with what was open. As we walked along we checked out the menus which were conveniently displayed outside their respective restaurants (it’s like Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter but with about 100x greater of a selection). We settled on The Breslin Bar & Grill after having been lured in by the wonderful smoky smell that was drifting out of the restaurant. That, and we were getting hungry halfway down the river. I must say, we were pleasantly surprised. My favourite would have been the Pork Ribs which were grilled to perfection and was obviously the dish that created that oh-so-tasty smoky air. We also had a Char-grilled Wagyu Rump to share between the three of us. Tasty, yes but I had better steak at The Meat, Wine & Co. which is actually located further down the river.  The only real disappointment was the dessert, being a lemon meringue pie. It was extremely runny and too sweet, having lost that tang which seals the deal. With a great atmosphere and classy interior we were three extremely satisfied sisters. After having seen so many other delicious-looking dishes popping out of the kitchen, we were so very tempted to come back another night, but maybe next time!

Also, next post will be about Boni’s birthday dinner at the one and only Sails restaurant in Westhaven. Hurrah on turning 23. Follow us to stay updated on Instagram @twohonesttruths or click the +Follow button at the bottom right hand corner to subscribe by email or WordPress.P1015627-EditP1015626-EditP1015605-EditP1015623-EditP1015610-EditP1015609-EditP1015619-EditP1015613-EditP1015617-EditP1015604-EditP5015075

  1. JulietS said:

    Looks delicious! You got me drooling… It’s amazing that Melbournites are spoilt with choices with it comes to dining out, I’ll be heading down that way next month so I can’t wait for a gastronomic adventure 🙂

    • So very true. We have some good food here in New Zealand too, if you ever pop over. Hope you have an amazing time in Melbourne! 🙂

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