Melbourne: The Streets

I sincerely hope we haven’t overwhelmed you with Melbourne photos but point is this is our first trip to Melbourne (Kely’s to Australia) and as excellent tourists, we will snap away at anything and everything. It’s only natural. Please bear with us. The following are photos from Federation Square, the cultural precinct of Melbourne. It’s a brilliant CBD space where you can meet people, have some lunch, get on the tram, get on the train and enjoy some street exhibitions as you go. We need something like this here in Auckland.P1015177P1015407-Edit P1015176-Edit P1015171-Edit P1015172-Edit P1015175-EditThe art of the city is heavily embraced by Melbourne’s laneways culture. The street art offering ‘a feast of colour, ideas and energy.’ It brings a lot of life into the CBD, something we thoroughly enjoyed on our stay.P1015597-Edit P1015522-Edit P1015419-Edit P1015418-Edit P1015393-Edit P1015286-Edit

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  1. Loving the photos, you’ve really captured the Melbourne culture!

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