Food Truck Garage

P1016650-Edit-2Last Friday afternoon my friend and I visited the famous Food Truck Garage down at Shed 1. It was a decent enough walk from Auckland Uni so we thought we might as well try all we like. The place was crazily busy but I did manage to sneek in a few photos. At the Food Truck they are focused on making NZ’s healthiest fast food with less salt, sugar and fat. There’s no fryer, and fizzies are naturally sweetened. Unfortunately the Papple Dog had run out already so instead we opted for the Paua Dog. That, and the Chickette Burger were delicious. I especially enjoyed the spelt bun and flour roll. We also had some Baked Chips which were complimented nicely with sweet beetroot and swede. The Autumn Rolls we weren’t great fans of though. Service was great and the staff were friendly. On a side note, as a well done foodie we of course ordered all the above to share, we want a bite of everything. I wasn’t so sure about the plates we got to do this, without the paper (like what the burger came on) it was very difficult to cut and not dig into the metal. At the back of the restaurant the truck itself is there too with some courtyard seating – I take it as the idea that the restaurant is the ‘garage’ for the truck haha, nevermind me. I’ll most definitely be back, hopefully to try a Papple Dog next time and maybe some Prawn Tacos too.

P1016670-Edit-2-2 P1016672-Edit-2-2 P1016657-Edit P1016651-EditP1016679-Edit P1016655P1016664-Edit P1016675-Edit-2 P1016665-Edit-2 P1016681-Edit-Edit-2 P1016680-Edit-2 P1016683-Edit P1016682-Edit
Food Truck Garage
City Works Depot. 90 Wellesley Street, Auckland Central.


    • After they expand their takeaways to other than hot dogs I will go on a takeaway spree around the City Works Depot to satisfy all cravings at once!

  1. Are the rice paper rolls the Autumn Rolls? They look interesting. A little scary.

    • Yes they are. They are definitely extremely healthy, but I can’t pretend I like them haha.

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