La Cigale Market- Parnell


La Cigale Market is pretty much pastry heaven. On my visit, the place was bustling with people with the delicious smell of freshly baked buttery goodness wafting through the air – making me hungry, instantly. After a quick walkthrough to get an idea on what was available, my friend and I settled for a seafood paella ($8) to share. It was rich in flavour with generous helpings of seafood. We accompanied it with some refreshing freshly squeezed juice ($6).

Tarts and chocolate croissants were popping out of the ovens by the second it seemed, a joyful sight indeed. The Paris Brest ($5.50) was amazing, I especially enjoyed the roasted almond flakes sprinkled on the pastry. We couldn’t resist trying the lemon tart ($4.50) and chocolate croissant also.

On top of all this the market offers a wide range of other products ranging from homegrown fruit and veggies to homemade jam, kitchen utensils to handmade french soap, as well as sauces, pasta, wine and seafood.

If you’re stuck on what to do on a Saturday morning, head down to Parnell and soak in some sun (or rain I guess with the unpredictable Auckland weather) while munching your way round the market. Bear in mind – finding seats can be hard work.

giant-grapes oyster paella juices counter cream-puff macarons big-pretzel tarts-selection danish inside inside-2 gooseberry-drink soap

  1. maadee91 said:

    Oh those pastries look so yummy! I’m usually a chocolate girl, but I might make an exception for the apple tarts.

    • The tarts do looks amazing aye. Sadly there’s not a lot of chocolate selection at the market but the chocolate soap smells divine 🙂

  2. I have never been to this market before! And I live in the CBD/Parnell area! It’s nuts. Those pastries look so good. Definitely going to have to make an effort to get there!

    • Haha! The market’s hidden in the streets behind parnell-so you can’t really see it unless you know it. Should def go there this week for the pastries 🙂

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