Tim Tam Cupcakes


When the clouds are grey, the sky overcast, a slight chilly breeze blows and rain is imminent, it usually calls for blankets, hot drinks, a good book, and or baking to lighten things up. Since stumbling upon Lydia’s blog LydiaBakes, I have been tempted to try something from her recipes that were doable with my skills – or lack of should I say. I couldn’t taste the cupcakes myself as I recently developed an allergy towards certain types of chocolate. Nevertheless I got my sister to be the guinea pig and they’re happily acceptable for my first attempt. Yay!

ingredients pouring-mixture cupcakes-out-of-oven trio-wood-sideview petals-on-rack petal-threeo-n-woodtim-tam-crunch Flowers-THT

  1. I like the way yours look more than Lydia’s. Superior choice of Tim Tam you have going there. Sad you couldn’t taste them yourself though!

    • Thank you! I had a difficult time preventing myself from having a bite, hopefully this allergy isn’t here to stay…

  2. So gad you liked the recipe! Your cupcakes look gorgeous! Well done on the rose swirl! xx

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