Half Moon Bay has seen some extensive revitalisation in the recent year or so, now trendier and livelier than it had been two to three years ago. Being lured in by their rustic décor, my friend and I decided to give Grangers a try. The restaurant reminds me of The Depot Eatery in town – another highly raved about and excellent dining place (read my review here). We exchange devious city parking for free, widely available spots and the base of the Skytower for the boats and water. There are even bicycles outside for you to take a casual ride around the marina, or if you ate your heart out you could always take it for a high calorie burner, I guess.

The restaurant was filling up fast at 4:30 on a Friday night. Having read some reviews beforehand I was excited to try their sliders, which sadly weren’t available that night. Instead, we ordered the Grangers Burger, chicken with couscous ($29) and potato skins ($8) on the side. To drink we had Rekorderling Cider in strawberry and lime ($13). The couscous was cold upon arrival and the chicken was a chore to dissect and eat. The potato skins however were absolutely divine. Our burger had not seemed to make itself on the bill so we decided to cancel seeing as we were quite full already. The staff offered us a complimentary dessert – a pear and date pudding as an apology for the mistake. This was a courteous gesture from the restaurant and we left on a good note. I will be back for those mouthwatering potato skins and to give the burger and sliders a try.

1 Ara Tai, Half Moon Bay, Auckland.


  1. The menu sounds very much in the Depot style. I think there is room for more than one. Good food, unfussy delivery. Too bad about the hiccups though, but if they get their shit sorted, it could be brilliant. I’m a firm believer that out in the suburbs restaurants have a lot of potential. Especially when it comes to loyal diners.

    • I agree, convenience does play a big factor considering Auckland traffic capabilities haha. It was smart of them to try correct their wrong, so we will be back sometime in the future 🙂

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