I’m so glad we managed to grasp the last days of sunshine before we jump straight into winter (have a look at our previous post where we spent a wonderful summer-like night out at the Silo Park down by the waterfront). Auckland weather…looks like we missed autumn for the meantime, as I write this post it is pouring and wind is pounding heavily against my window.

For a quick catch up in-between classes, my friend and I went to Renkon on Durham Street. Now this is a well-known, hot Japanese eatery so I don’t think much needs to be said. This is a favourite of mine, which I frequented in the beginning years of university. We both hadn’t visited in at least a year or two so were craving it a great deal. Now, I. do. not. know. what was wrong with me, or where I have been – the food, was good. My miso pork katsu donburi was incredibly delicious and was the perfect size, perfect amount of rice and perfect amount of meat. It was full of flavour, though I think I could do without the generous blob of mayo to the side, it was in most part left untouched. The beef curry udon received similar praise. With regular prices ranging from $10-$12 this is a great place to stopover, the store is small so we were quite lucky to have found a seat (but people don’t linger too long anyway). There was a short line to order and lots and lots of people getting takeaways – I must do that one day too, I unashamedly have an attraction towards well-made paper bags. However busy the restaurant the service was still very well done. The range in the city store isn’t extensive, I believe the ones in Parnell and Takapuna have salmon and avocado donburi-yum!

front eelrice curry-udonsign treesautumnRenkon.
10 Durham Street East, Auckland Central.



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