Faro- Korean BBQ feast!

Korean BBQ has to be one of my all-time favourite cuisines. Having lived in Korea for over half a year, I realised there aren’t many restaurants in New Zealand that could live up to the standards at a reasonable price.  Faro is one of New Zealand’s best Korean restaurants. The food however is slightly dear, so when a GrabOne deal popped up – for the price of $59, a couple could have a 6 course meal plus 2 drinks, I jumped at the chance and quickly snatched up a few of these coupons, hoping to relive those days.

One thing I love about Korean cuisine is the side dishes. The deal comes with nine side dishes as well as three entrees. Within the meat selection, I enjoyed the marinated beef and prawns. Between five people we shared two coupons and were reasonably satisfied but if you are a big eater, I would recommend ordering some more portions of meat.

The interior of the restaurant adds an extra touch to the meal. Faro is definitely worth a try if you’re craving for a decent Korean BBQ meal or just wanting to try something different.

Hope you are all are having a wonderful Easter weekend, it’s a special time for us to thank what has been given to us unconditionally 🙂 .

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA faro-lights faro-entree faro-beef faro-bbq faro-sides faro-soup faro-iced-tea faro-interior faro

Faro Restaurant
49 Nuffield St, New Market, Auckland.


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  1. Great vessel for the ice plum tea. I sometimes find the nature of the flat metal chopstick a little difficult to handle for some strange reason. Well, not so strange, I’m just uncoordinated.

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