Eight: A Culinary Journey. The Langham.

Firstly, I must state that I myself am not an avid fan of buffets. I find that for the same or even less of the price I can have an extremely well made multi course dinner. I acknowledge there is a greater selection but as always, cliche as it is: quality is over quantity. Keeping this in mind I may be bias on this review, so read at your own risk :D.

When EIGHT first launched at The Langham Hotel it seemed to be most likely the best buffet in Auckland, both in selection and quality of food. For a while, I too would agree. Our most recent visit didn’t have us on quite the same page though. We went for dinner (our first, every other time was for lunch) and as the price markup from lunch was significantly higher we were looking forward to a larger range or at least something special that was not offered at noon. To our dismay, the oysters and scampi weren’t fresh and the range did not match it’s price tag. Despite this, the sashimi, salad bar and crepes were still all very well done and well worth a trip for lunch perhaps, if you haven’t visited before? (Extra bonus if you have their Supper Club card which gives you 15% off the full price.)

The Langham – Eight.
83 Symonds Street, Auckland Central.


  1. I enjoy breakfast there, but it’s usually included with a night’s stay. Dessert does look fantastic, is the ice cream still Movenpick at the buffet?

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