The Food Room-Ponsonby

Pies are something we’ve grown up with in New Zealand, something you’ll pick up from the corner dairy or at the high school tuck shop. It’s difficult to find a ‘bad’ pie anywhere but there are some that are just that bit crispier, that bit tastier and just that bit better. I think this one may be one of those. The restaurant is nothing flash, it simply is a relaxing, neighborhood spot with convenient onsite parking, friendly goodbyes and smoothies and fruit juice to complete the deal.

Photos also from our stroll down at Wynyard Quarter to soak up some weekend sun.

thefoodroom pieselection steak-and-cheese-pie smoothies longestdrink shop viaduct oversizedchairswyq tramwydqr skytowerwithflagsThe Food Room.
250 Ponsonby Road, Auckland.


  1. Katie L said:

    I think if you had visited the food room about 4-6 months ago, with the old owners (lovely) and their old staff (who made the shop!) you would have been much more impressed! It’s a shame how it’s changed and how it changed bring back the old FUN food room! The yummy pies weren’t the only pulling factor for the shop 😉

    • Lata said:

      The original owners (Angelo) left about two years ago. The owners and old/new staff after them (Reuben and Rachel and staff) were really fun too. I’m glad people are still going back for the pies and giving the new owner a chance to get established

      • Wished we discover food room earlier! The pies are still quite yummy tho.

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