Blueberry picking

Thank you for joining us here on Two Honest Truths! Immense appreciation if you’re a follower from our previous blogs and also a big welcome if you’re a new visitor (hope our delicious adventures will reel you in to stay).

As our third and eldest counterpart of the family (our wonderful sister) is back for a quick holiday we’ve spent most of our time taking her round (hence the MIA from both of our respective platforms). We went both to places she felt strong nostalgia for and new places that have popped up after her departure.

Unfortunately for me the strawberry season is at its tearful end, so we had to resort to its partner in crime: blueberries. Nevertheless delicious in its own right, good for my eyes and a lovely change, considering year-round we mainly get in contact with this fruit in its frozen form.

The drive down took just under two hours and consisted of many many cows, a lone runaway lamb, grand mansions in the middle of nowhere and a handful of roadkill (dead possums). The beauty of such activities is you get to eat whilst picking for the bucket and after spending a whole afternoon under the scorching sun, the blueberry yoghurt ice cream back at reception was simply divine.

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blueberries-on-tree bucket-of-blueberries OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbblueberry2 k-jump blueberryfrozenyoghurtOhaupo Orchard, 397 Jary Rd, Ohaupo.

  1. Blueberry frozen yoghurt looks goooood! So blueberry picking is all year round?! :0

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